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Im about to register a new domain (.to) for a pharmacy website. I have 4-5 ideas for the domain name but all of them are already available as .com domain (with a different business type behind it).

Fictional example: - health care service (existing domain with 100 search volume and facebook page with 1.000 likes) my pharmacy shop (my new domain)

- The monthly search volume of my favourite domain names is between 30-400.
- I would outrank the original domain names as they are pretty weak in terms of seo. That means if someone googles "misterfox" i will be on position 1 with my pharmacy shop.

If now 100 people per month google for "misterfox" and visit my website but leave the website immediately because they were looking for the other misterfox would this be an issue seo-wise (bounce rate)? Or would you say that 100 monthly visitors with high bounce rate is no problem?

Looking forward to hear your thoughts.
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    I would say that 100 monthly visitors is barely a blip (about 3 per day) and not likely to get much notice. It is also speculative, to say the least, that bounce rate would play a factor at all - especially for a domain query (perhaps for a keyword search). There are still plenty who believe that bounce rate plays no role at all in search rankings.
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      Thanks for sharing your opinion. I was actually hoping to get this answer.

      Anyone else who would confirm this?
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    Bounce rate is important. When ranking google take note of many factors including the number of visitors.
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    bounce rate like someone said above is a major factor. but if its that aged domain, then you could populate the site with some contents, there are some wp plugin for those autoblog stuff, its just a matter of htmls shortcodes tho just try to make the contents look more natural,

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    In my opinion, if someone is searching a brand name then they know what they are looking for. Like you said in the example, your business is a pharmacy and the same domain name is a healthcare service (existing already). So, if someone is searching with brand name and for a healthcare service then it is highly unlikely that they are going to stay on your site for long unless you offer the same thing as the healthcare service. Also, you will have to work on the relevant keywords which will have much more KD than the brand name's.

    Hope that answers the question.
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    Of course, as you are commenting above, the rebound rate will play a very important role, although it is not a very important positioning factor, you should do it, so enter more things, do well, add up, better use all the factors to have good metrics In marketing medico, experience is equal to everything depends on the keyword and the objective you want to have.
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