Should tags always be indexed or not?

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Hi, one question has always been on my mind. Unfortunately, there are many URLs on the webmaster's account that are in the status section in the coverrage section:Excluded /this number : 10.1K

Most of these addresses are tags. When I check them in my webmaster account, there is no indexing at all. On the other hand, there are no settings to prevent indexing. Is this important? Should tags always be indexed or not?
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    It's totally upto you, how do you want them to be, indexed or nonindexed. It will not impact your SEO, as far it is not creating duplicate content for your website. Tags might lead to duplicate content sometimes, if your site is really big.
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    As you said most of these pages are tag pages, it's better to make it no-index to it. Tag pages mostly don't serve a primary ranking signal for search engines. So, it's better to restrict the indexing of those pages.
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    It is always a better way to no-index all the tags, it's not going to impact on your SEO by any means, but if you try to index those, you will see some weird search results with your tags, that definitely harm the user experience.


    If you are using any SEO plugin e.g: Yoast, there you will find options to index it or not, you might have configured that way, so the crawler excluded those URLs, don't worry it's not harmful.
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