Difference between Queries & Pages clicks in Search Console?

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I'm currently working on improving my website SEO. From what i can see in Google Search Console I'm starting to get some clicks through some queries.

Among the data i would find for example: 10 clicks, 2 clicks from a query, and when i switch to the second tab (PAGES) i get most of the clicks from there.

If anyone could explain to me what this means, if a visitor didn't access my site through a search query, then how is the number of page click is superior to the queries?
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      Clicks counts the total number of times someone visited your page.

      Pages tells you which pages they landed on. (Which page they first saw.)
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        Thank you, but that's not it. I found the answer.

        Basically, The answer is that the Queries tab doesn't show every single query that brought people to your page.

        To maintain privacy, Google doesn't provide all of the data, so some query results will be hidden from you.

        However, the number on the Pages tab is accurate.

        Here are some sources:
        To protect user privacy, Search Analytics doesn't show all data. For example, we might not track some queries that are made a very small number of times or those that contain personal or sensitive information.
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    Also, it is possible for someone to get to the page through backlinks.
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      Even if you click on the backlink which is outside google or my website, will google still count it as a click. I mean how can it track users click from there?
      Are you sure of this?
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    The Search Console reports include one dimension that is specific to Google Web Search data: Queries: The Google Search queries that generated impressions of your website URLs in Google organic search results.
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    Clicks are the total count of persons visiting your website and Queries will let you know which page they landed on and your landing page.
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    Try searching or browse recent questions. There is a difference between the count of Total clicks and the number of clicks for queries for a respective page. There are 250+ clicks for a page, but only 70 clicks are there for individual queries.

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    Originally Posted by kurosaki4d View Post

    Among the data i would find for example: 10 clicks, 2 clicks from a query, and when i switch to the second tab (PAGES) i get most of the clicks from there.

    Query means someone search in Google for any search terms and click on your website from result.

    Total clicks means organic traffics from search engines + Some clicks who directly open your site or come from social media or come from other referral sites.

    In short 2 clicks are coming from Google search and other are from different ways.
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