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there is a mobile phone shop in a my town and they would like to be found if somebody looks for:

product (mobile phone) + their town.

They have a list with 100 phones, how could they optimize the list and then put it on their website, so that if somebody search for one of the phones, they would rank for each of them.

There are less than 10 other stores in their town selling the phones, so they should be on the first page for every phone. But I am afraid that Google will put on the first page some big stores 100 miles away and some big websites for these keywords, even if they have nothing to do with the town.

Or is it better to create one page for each phone? And how could they do it with as little content as possible? They just want to let people know which phones are available.
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    Hai Michael,
    SEO is the best option to get your local business ranking on the first page of search engines when people search for products or services related to your industry. Target more on realistic keywords to rank your business in the top place than the 10 other stores in your town. SEO helps to grow the online presence of your business. Share your business on social media platforms. Create posts on social media accounts regularly. Also, there are many SEO content marketing companies available online to do SEO for your business. If it is difficult for you to do all the SEO related activities, you can contact any one of them to do such activities for you.
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    You just optimize EACH product page for that particular town (e.g. "Buy [Phone Model name] in Kansas City, MO"). Links from related local businesses wouldn't hurt, either.

    I'm not sure what you are "afraid" of. Google is going to do what Google does. All you can do is try to steer them in the right direction. As it stands now, I assume they are getting nothing from search so there is really nothing to lose.
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    With the right keywords, one page would suffice. You can make a list of phones in descending order, (in respect of price). A lot of individuals search "best phones under 15k". You need to understand what your local customers require and create the list accordingly.
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    Forget those websites, you can put your website on the top search locally. Just hire a professional local SEO expert and they will make your all product s on google searches.
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    Top 10 Ways to Improve Your Local SEO Right Now

    1. Make a Google My Business Account

    2. Get Regular Reviews from Happy Customers

    3. Improve for Voice Search

    4. Make Content Based on Local News Stories or Events

    5. Improve Your Website for Mobile

    6. Focus on Local Keywords

    7. Use Location Pages or a Location-Specific "About Us" Page

    8. Exploit Online Business Directories

    9. Zero in on Link Signals (Get High-Quality Backlinks)

    10. Make a Dedicated Webpage for Each Product/Service You Offer
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    Hello Michael,

    I have gone through your post and The best possible way to increase your visibility in the local area especially you might consider the below points.

    1. Update your Google My Business page with good comment from the satisfied customers
    2. Add some relevant images, so that your user find them useful for their search.
    3. Improve website performance by creating it mobile-friendly.
    4. Create content by using targeted local businesses.
    5. Create a different subpage under the local store name with different on their location basis.

    As per the bigger brand showing on the targeted keywords, they have shared quality content with relevant information that helps the user and search engine finds it helpful; so they are ranking on the top. You can rank your website on their place by following the Google algorithm guidelines and sharing quality relevant content. If you want to rank in the targeted location use target specific keyword in your content with some stat and quality image.

    Thank You!!
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