Measuring the Real Impact of POP, Surfer, Cora vs Just Updating a Page?

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As I sign up for Surfer for a second time, I wanted to do some SEO on-page tool theory-crafting.

There's a strong chance you may disagree with me here and if you do I want to know why.

I am wondering about the real benefit of tools like Cora, POP, and SurferSEO. I have used Cora and Surfer, they are impressive. POP is a crowd favorite I haven't tried yet.

To make an analogy, they seem kind of like a weapon.

You can use them to "defend" your content from things like overoptimization if you're getting a little too heavy on onpage elements. Or if your content is technically weak, it will give you some hints that it is. That is a big plus.

But you can also shoot yourself in the foot if you're not careful. I recently saw someone hack their content because Surfer said 20,000+ words was too much. Surfer reported the ideal amount was a few thousand. Hundreds of dollars in content down tube, along with a lot of long-tail traffic I imagine. Am I wrong in my thinking on this?

People have reported ranking improvements when updating their content based on onpage analysis tools.

And I wonder about these and where attribution here is.
  1. Is it following the actionable, granular comparison data they give that is the benefit?
  2. Or is it the psychological trigger it causes to make people actually update a stale page that starts slipping in rankings?

Regardless, I can see a couple of interesting implementations these tools give.
  • Giving it to a virtual assistant that's a good writer, but very little SEO training. As long as they're not hacking apart the content, things like making sure you're not overdoing things like H1 tags is a help, when you don't have the time to double-check people's work.
  • Running them before you start a new piece of content. Rather than starting from scratch, you at least have some idea of a baseline to begin from. This week I'll be implementing Surfer into my content production process for this alone.
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