How can i use multiple domain for one website?

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Dear Experts,

I want to make an online store like and I have a plan to buy 3 more domains like,, and redirect all domain to main domain which is but I want If somebody search from UK so He/she will see domain in search result and If somebody search from UAE so He/she will see domain in search result and same for other extensions.
1) How can I safe from duplication multiple domains for one website
2) What would be the SEO strategy should i follow

I am hoping a positive reply from your side

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    Have all the names point to the same IP Address in DNS.
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      Yes, They have same IP address in DNS
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    There is nothing wrong to circle wagons around principal domain/site
    but it would be even better is you develop sites coherent to specific areas
    the way big boys like eBay, Amazon and yes Google etc. are doing.

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    for geta perfect and easy solution you have a create pages based on different location and you can redirect these pages on where you want. it is most easiest way to solve like this kind of desire.
    BUt according to rule- a website only can run with a domain you can't add more than one domain on a same site, yes you can add multiple domain as on same IP address because you can share same hosting for multiple domains.
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    I would suggest you not to redirect multiple domain to a single website.

    Here are few best practices for international SEO:
    • Create a separate website for each country using country code top-level domain (ccTLD).
    • Create and maintain content in your target users' language.
    • Use hreflang or language meta tags to show search engines which language and location you're set up.
    • Don't automatically redirect a user to a different website based on location because the user can be an expat and he can look for products in different region.
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    yes you can. How ever you have to use same IP address in DNS. Then it will be ok
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    Yes you can use multiple domains for one website names point to same IP address in DNS.follow this step
    1. Go to the Websites and Domains tab. You may need to show advanced options here if they are hidden.
    2. Click domain aliases.
    3. Manage the aliases for each domain here by clicking the appropriate link.
    4. Click add domain alias.
    5. Type the domain alias name.
    6. Click Ok.
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