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I've seen a lot of videos and read a lot of articles from SEO "experts" that claim if you see a Pinterest post, Quora, Amazon etc in the SERPs for a keyword you want to rank for, then its one indication that the keyword is not too competitive.

I know there is more to keyword research than looking at the serp!

But i have noticed that probably because of their instance authority these pages are pretty difficult to outrank.

Just wondered if others felt the same, or if you have any tips or trick for outperforming them in SERPs.
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    Just look at what is ranking in the top 3 spots, improve and expand a bit on that, optimize well and BAM! Those pages aren't hard to beat. Look at Quora for example, it's a simple Q & A. Just add relevant questions to your post (incl. the one ranking #1), provide better, more thorough answers and check your rankings. Continue making edits over the next few weeks until you beat them. Rinse and repeat.
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      ive definitely managed to overtake some, just seems to take an age to do so, even tho my content is better and more informative. I will take on your advice too thanks
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    It depends on the type of query. If someone is searching for recent news or a recent quote by someone prominent, a Twitter post might rank very high and be tough to beat. If they are searching for a product, chances are, a social post can be easily outranked.
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      Ive definitely outranked them in the past, just seems harder and takes longer if possible to do.
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    Instead of manually depending on such tips, why don't you try relying on tools like SEMrush, Ahrefs or Ubersuggest to find out the best keywords from a diverse database to not leave any doubts behind.
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      This is not how i pick my keywords, i just noticed it seemed a little harder/ took much longer to outrank such sites, even tho they are "easy" to outrank
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    I have and see the same problem with service-type keywords and high authority sites like Yelp, HomeAdvisor, AngiesList, and the like. I hate seeing them overtake top results... but it is possible to take over their spots, I've seen sites do this. Anyone else?
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      yes, exactly. annoying
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