[TIPS] "What is the best way to get traffic with blogging?"

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A friend recently asked, "What is the best way to get traffic with blogging?"

Below are my 3 favorite content frameworks for capturing high converting organic traffic.

The focus here is high conversion.

Your average SEO is after the highest volume keywords.

But, high volume doesn't mean high conversion. Volume doesn't necessarily translate to sales. So what does?

These days I pay more attention to user intent and commerciality. What is the user trying to do when they search for a keyword?

For example, if it's to find pricing, you can be certain they're considering buying.

These can be the highest converting keywords you'll ever rank for. They are also some of the easiest to rank for because of their long-tail nature.

Here are my 3 favorite content frameworks you can develop this kind of content within.
  • How-to posts. The most generic of them all but they work because they give a very specific answer to a very specific question. These may do well in SERPs because of this.
  • Alternatives-to posts and lists. You can piggyback off of another companies' brand equity using this strategy. I see it a lot in SaaS and I've used it a little when developing services. I am kind of surprised more smaller agencies don't do this with the larger multimillion dollar agencies that usually deliver a piss poor experience.
  • Comparison posts. 10 years ago I was still doing affiliate marketing. I realized the power of targeting brand and product keywords back then. Yet even to this day, this strategy is still effective. I would create targeting product keywords and brands. I could rank above sites like Amazon doing this and even sometimes the brand itself.

If you have any more ideas, please add.
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    You need to find the less competitive keywords. YOu can use tools like Ahrefs, moz or ubersuggest to find those keywords. However you also need a good content which will tally with those keywords.
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    Well, the first and foremost thing is that your blog should be interesting and creative because people love to read informative blogs. If you want to attract more traffic through blogging, make sure it is SEO optimized, Try using less competitive keywords. You also need to make sure that your content would be creative and narrative much to keep users stick to your blog for a minute or two.
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    Creative and compelling blogs with powerful titles are definite attention grabbers. On the other hand, you need to abide by the ideal word limit for a better SEO and keyword ranking. The content of the blog needs to be engaging with credible sources to attract the audiences.
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    Good quality traffic? Best way is best content that rank on the first page of Google search, get clicks and convert. To rank in top 10, your content should be:
    • Long article
    • Answer to fix
    • Has external links
    • Contains media (image or video)
    • LSI
    • NLP

    Your new content should relate closely enough to your existing content, as well as the offer you're promoting, so you can convert the traffic you do receive.

    You should always ask this question: Is the person searching for this keyword in my target audience?

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    Very interesting points you made . 1 POINT you made you said that you write based on user intent and commerciality You also mentioned how to post which give a specific answers to problems .I will make sure I apply these tips
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    Hey what about the before/after posts? Have you considered doing those? I love to see such posts and these posts get a lot of popularity on my blog as well so they are my favourite. The 3 you mentioned also work quite well.
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    It's like uploading videos on YouTube for your channel....Out of 10 of them, 1 might get you ranked high and get you consistent traffic.

    Those who do well, they create new content all the time.
    Keep Pushing And Never Give Up
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    yes really helpful tips to drive organic traffic
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    Following 6 things should be kept in mind before sharing blog

    1. Article should be of minimum 500 words
    2. Article should be according to title.
    3. Post pictures also in article.
    4. Content should be original.
    5. Article should not have any Plagiarism.
    6. Focus on Keywords.

    Then you will start getting traffic on your blog.
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    If you want good traffic from Blogging then it is necessary to add content weekly or daily basis on that platform according to your end after that " Social Media" Platform is also Big and powerful way where you can easily get traffic, once' you post content on your blog then share that post on social media.

    you need to share interesting fresh and unique content on blogging platform people like interesting things on internet if anyone like your post then he could be share ahead, by this process you will able to popular your post on internet also this is the good way for increase visitors on blog.
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    1. Low competitive keyword research: I am not talking about keyword difficulty because that is a metric which is providing by tool. But I will do manual research before selecting any keyword.
    2. High-quality people engaging content that help or solve visitors problems.
    3. On page SEO without keyword stuffing.
    4. Basic link building.
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    Best way I found is to get few guest posts on traffic sites . I usually choose high metric sites. It has helped me to get traffic for wordpress websites.
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  • Create great content.
    Get backlinks if possible natural backlinks
    Write article for customers that helps.
    No spamming.
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    > Choose a Topic from what's in trend
    > Run a keyword research and find some long-tail keywords.
    > Write at least 1000 words content on that particular topic.
    >Add some related pictures and videos
    >Do its best onpage and choose Long-Tail keywords
    >Build links for that particular article.

    If your topics start ranking, You won't require to do link building in future
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