Why aren't my latest blog posts being indexed?

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How goes guys?

I have a site, it's been around since 2007. My blog has been around about that long, on same domain.

I don't get many visits, but I get on a good day about 200 visits in total, maybe 100 organic, the majority from Google.

A lot of my older posts get visits, but I've written some much better quality, longer posts in recent times, but for some reason, they never get indexed.

I enter the new posts into Google Search Console, in order to see if any problems pop up, and looks like everything is fine = "Submitted and Indexed", but then I look on analytics, under Acquisition > Search Console > Landing Pages, and the indexation is next to nothing if anything... and no clicks.

But the older posts rank and show through...

I've even built links to these new posts from decent authority sources (dofollow), but it's like night and day.

Why might these newer posts get no traction? The latest one was published a month ago and shows 0 impressions and 0 clicks. I mean, if it was indexed but not ranking well, it'd at least get impressions ...

Something feels off... any insights or ideas would be much appreciated.

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    Use internal links. Search engines crawl from page to page through HTML links. It's important to note, the 2 interlinking pages need to be relevant - it's not a good idea to link unrelated pages together. As for the hosting provider, can also recommend mechanicweb as my site is always online and get indexed on Google. While content is a cornerstone of a high quality website, the wrong content can be your demise. Too many low quality pages can decrease the number of times Google crawls, indexes and ranks your site. Hope this info will help.
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    The latest blog should always be internally linked to other pages on the right keyword. Internal linking plays a vital role in getting your pages indexed.
    Linking to the right page can help you out in this matter.
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    Do internal linking but make sure you link only relevant pages. If you are linking irrelevant pages, then you won't get clicks or impressions. Moreover, your content should be relevant. You need to research what keywords people use to make searches relevant to your pages and then embed those keywords into your content. Hope it helps
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    Excellent information guys, thank you. The internal links! Can't believe I didn't think of that. Thank you
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    Also, make sure your XML sitemap is up and running, and make sure it is submitted in both your google and bing webmaster accounts
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      Originally Posted by culpetm View Post

      Also, make sure your XML sitemap is up and running, and make sure it is submitted in both your google and bing webmaster accounts
      Thank you man, I had a "sitemap expert" look at it on upwork, but I get the feeling he just wanted to get paid and run... going to have to find a more dedicated dev to take a look at it and make sure it's set up right.
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    Really nice, keep it up bro, it's help me lot
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    Hi i think you just check a website policy in which you just a post a blog.....you will promote your domain in blog use to anchor txt use in blog....the google can not be indexing and cached.....and the 2nd reason of of plz give a robot.txt file for googlebot with your url which you want to indexing....in my opinion you should try a robot.txt file try im sure your problem have been solved with this solution.
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    Something is up. Google normally crawls approx 200 pages of my site prinsbery.com per day. These last few days, they've only crawled 10 pages per day.
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    are you referring to your man site?
    if so, then I have analyzed your site...

    Internal links are just part of the equation, it does not tell you the full story, if you do not fix all issues, then your site will continue to limp....
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    1- Try to indexed from search console
    2- Link that blog to your homepage
    3- Make some backlink for that
    4- Submit to search engine sites
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    When you blogpost get clicks and share through social media, hopefully it will get index.
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    I will give you my opinions, then the facts.

    If it is the site I am thinking about:

    • your site is outdated! (2007)
    • Find a niche that is more accepted!
    Even though your anchor/text ratio is 80/20 which looks pretty decent, however, when taking a closer look, 99.9% of your anchor text is spam, and this reduces your actual branding anchor/text down to nothing.

    Your backlink profile consists of 1000's of spammy backlinks, a good portion of your backlinks have spam scores above 25%, %50, and %80. Even if those backlinks are low risk, 80% of those links are most likely killing your site.

    Find a new niche! For every legit backlink you get, I suspect 10 legit backlinks will ultimately jump ship, and I think why would be pretty evident; Most legit sites do not want to have anything to do with sites promoting anything adult-related....

    Your technical SEO is not bad, however, it could use some improvements, however, I have seen far worse on sites that just neglect tech-SEO altogether.

    use dot.com not dot.net

    Other comments: your site, including your blog does not look trustworthy, and this comes down to how your visitors perceive your site when they do click on something....

    People around here like to jump out in front of a bus without having a real clue, link to this, link to that, social this, social that, and there is nothing wrong with doing all that, but you dont need all that just for a post to index, and it should index quickly on an aged site, and if it is not, then you may have deeper issues as mentioned above.

    I know you are attached to what you have, but being attached to something will not make you any money.

    good luck...
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    you need to share your posts on social media for faster indexing (with established accounts)

    there are other options as well, but those would be classified as black hat

    best of success!
    $2.49 / £1.99 - 100GB Space, 1 TB Traffic, Daily Backups, Free SSL Certificates
    UK SSD Cloud Hosting ❤️ HostMaria
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    There can be many reasons.
    • Google is unaware about the existence of your blog.
    • Your blog is in the process of being crawled by Google, but is not completed.
    • Your blog is not SEO friendly.
    • Your website is configured to not be indexed by Google.
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    It would have been easier to answer your question if the website and webpages were available.

    Without these details, here's my guess:

    Scenario 1 -- Most Likely -- Your webpage is already indexed by Google. Search for the new articles by pasting the exact URL of your blog posts in search box. If the webpage appears, it is indexed. Your new webpages are not ranking in Google search.

    If your website is old & already in Google, then your blog posts will get indexed. The speed of indexation will depend on how often you update your blog. Yo rank your new articles, you need to promote them: SEO, social media, etc.

    Scenario 2 - Your website has errors such as robots.txt blocking indexing, noindex meta tag, etc. It will need to be fixed.
    >> Web Design, Wordpress & SEO - XtraPunch.com <<
    Web Design & SEO Agency | Serving World Wide from New Delhi, India

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    Generally, Google takes anyplace around 48 hrs to 30 days to crawl any new part if content considering your website doesn't have much acceptance, good authority, or solid backlinks.

    Since you said that submitting to search console and updating sitemap is complete. Check your robots.txt file once whether it is limiting any crawling or not. Also check if there is any concern with crawling budget. Lastly, see if you can change (increase) the significance for your blog page URL in XML sitemap

    And then you have not stated anything about your website DA, PA, monthly traffic, backlink strength, etc. I can't correctly say what might be the cause for not indexing. I also hope you are not raising indexing as ranking. [Note - Indexing is dissimilar from ranking]
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    What "dofollow authority" links are you building? That could be your problem right there, it's not 2007 anymore and what worked for those old posts might not work for the new.

    There could be a hundred different reasons for not getting indexed/ranked. Hard to say without seeing the site.
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    Originally Posted by David C. View Post

    A lot of my older posts get visits, but I've written some much better quality, longer posts in recent times, but for some reason, they never get indexed.
    Surely posts are indexed... somewhere, but not where you expect them to be.
    G. is sucking in every piece of crap it can found but it ranks them differently.

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    You need to interlink your pages.
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    Dear David C, Organic Traffic is a very hard working time as you mention in your content that your website or blog old, it's more important than how much your keywords on ranking and where you get the link from the website. then any website gets more visitors.
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    Sometimes, the indexing of posts is delayed due to improper SEO actions. You must perform all the SEO steps, like proper interlinking, add external links, CTAs, headings, etc.
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      No. A page gets indexed because it exists. A page with no SEO gets indexed, so no, you do not need to do any proper linking. You need to wait.

      Proper linking gets it indexed faster.

      Originally Posted by Angelina Gil View Post

      Sometimes, the indexing of posts is delayed due to improper SEO actions. You must perform all the SEO steps, like proper interlinking, add external links, CTAs, headings, etc.
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