Sudden website traffic drop after changing CMS from Magento to Shopify

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Before anything else, there are two domain versions of a website: a .com, and version. Just two months ago, we used to only have one domain, which is the .com domain, and I built this site at Magento. Then we moved the website to Shopify, so we rebuilt the website on Shopify.

When we did that, what I found out with Shopify has something to do with the pricing concerns of the platform which prompted us to make a version on top of the .com initial version of the website.

So, for the clients, if we are going to show them pricing in US Dollars we need to redirect them to the .com domain, if we have to show them product pricing in AU dollars, allegedly, we need to redirect them conveniently to the domain.

So, what I've done, as their website manager, is duplicate the domain .com and So I can have USD pricing for clients at .com and AUD pricing for the clients at

What we did was, we redirected most of the links to the domain when I re-launched the website because the domain is brand new, and we want it to get indexed.

For at least 4-5 weeks, this seems to have worked for both sites as they were indexed without issues.

My concern though is that the .com version, as reported by GSC, has several pages valid pages record which is more than the actual number of pages on the .com version of the website.

Please see attached screenshot

Meanwhile, the version, still being reported by GSC, only shows a few 100 pages, which is a more realistic account of the actual number of pages on the website.

Please see attached screenshot

Additionally, we changed to redirect so that the previous URL on the Magento CMS redirected to the domain on Shopify. We changed those redirects to point to the .com domain because we wanted to get these pages to rank better since there is more traffic in the US.

So we wanted to get the traffic for the rankings of these ones more compared in Australia, because Australia seems to stop ranking quite well and quite quickly, so we push them back to this one so that they should start to rank.

The problem now is that these pages are not ranking very well at all. They are not being indexed properly. When you check it at google search console, it says not indexed. But, if you are going to search it on the google search engine, it will appear and stated as indexed. Moreover, the keywords are previously ranking for the wrong pages.

Please, I appreciate whatever inputs the community can provide for this dilemma. Thank you so very much in advance Warrior Forum SEO Community!
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    What are you expecting?
    Of course it would create drops in activities until changes will take effect.
    Just be patient.

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    Hello There,

    When we talk about certain CMS's they have limitations. Shopify provides you dynamic and good store setup but still have ceratin issues.

    I feel there Might be certain issues from the following in case of Indexing.

    1. the web-pages on .com and .com. au seems to be same.
    The thing is when you have 1 website with same content same pages, same links etc. This is claimed as a Duplicate website in the eye of google.

    As you said it shows the page not indexed in google search console and you said you can see the index there may be a cache of search

    I would like you to check the errors in the google search Console. Why it is showing that the links not indexed.

    Third. Try to differentiate the content of the website on domain with unique Content.

    Lastly change the URL structure after updating the Content. As it is reported will not get indexed easily. So the way to index is changing the URL.

    Make sure that your ranked keywords pages should not fire 404 SO redirect that URLs to the relevant pages. So that you can rank the right keyword for the right page.

    Lastly, Make sure that you don't have meta Keyword Duplication. Just make sure one keyword is not repeated on other pages. Due to this your keyword may rank for wrong page while doing off-page SEO.

    Hope the solution provided is useful to you.

    Drop a reply to thiis thread if you feel any more queries.
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