About to start my 1st PPC campaign. Advise me!

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Ok so I have $60 to try PPC +a coupon for $50 for adwords. Also a $25 one for Yahoo.

I have some sniper style 1 product niche websites up and ready to rock.

Soft Sale & Honest Review Style.

I am looking for some of you with experience making good money this way to either post or PM me some advice on what to AVOID that could kill my efforts, and what I should absoloutely do before I hit that "Start Campaign" button.

Or if you know someone who has a very good guide to ppc I am interested in taking a look at it.

Basically I am fed up waiting for my sites to rank and I want to kick start some income and scale it (hopefully) without sinking my money into this blindly.

My background quickly is setting up campaigns for my customers based on keywords they want. I usually turn off targeting content websites and do pure search results for my clients since this seems to have better results.

But as for doing adsence for myself I have not tried it yet and I am definatly a newbie to doing it for affiliate products. I basically know you cant use re-directs... and thats it.

Sorry for the book and thanks!
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    I don't want to crash on your party, just understand that people who do PPC will spend $500 just to "Test" a product. You have $135 budget, I would say create a product of your own (Ebook) and use the money for that to increase your chances of getting a profit. That way even if you don't make any money you will gain some exposure for your own product , not someone else.

    I would like to disagree with you "waiting for my sites to rank" persepective. I take the what else can I do to help this site gain traffic, or what site am I going to build next?

    I have tried PPC (I treid REAL HARD), It never worked out for me.

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    Victoria, are you saying you have experience with PPC but only doing so for others? Sounds like you just set it up and following their instructions without doing research yourself. Well at least you are familiar with the interface.

    What you need is the research and ad-writing part. You are asking for a guide so check out my link below.
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    Hi Victoria,

    We tried PPC on a couple of occasions and I agree with what everyone is telling you. You really need more money to just do a test.

    We did a test for just a couple of hours the last time we did a test and that alone was about $100. Our mentor (at the time) advised us to do this but it was a mistake in my opinion because we could have used other marketing techniques for a lot less money.

    I wish you the best of luck and hope you are doing well.
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    Learn SEO dont get fed up with up or dont quit untill you achieve something...SEO is the real deal according to my opinion...

    Love the Humanity...:)

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    For the type of site you're promoting I wouldn't recommend AdWords for the fact that you'll get slapped with a low Quality Score. Normally I consider SEO to be nonsense and a misuse of resources with a very product-driven site like mine but for what you're doing it might make sense, just remember that traffic will be a fraction of what a solid AdWords campaign will get you. When I was doing SEO and in top position for my #1 keyword the traffic was still under 10% of what AdWords delivered (there's no "content network" in SEO) and the SEO traffic converted very poorly vs. PPC traffic.

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