Help setting up an advanced filter on Google Analytics?

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Our wp blog has hacked a couple of weeks back, and filled with spammy posts (dating cougars, some sleazy stuff in general). We deleted the posts and fully secured the site.

However, Blogarama has indexed the spam posts, and I've reached out to them on several occasions asking them to remove posts, and gotten no response.

So these visits, while the page doesn't exist, still show up on the real time analytics (which my boss checks, and has been complaining about).

I've done 301 redirects of these pages to the main blog url / index, but for some reason the original url is still showing in the real time visits.

I've tried simple filters, but it's not working, seeing the sample size, and page title is "page not found".

I'm trying to set up an advanced filter.

What I need to set up is, for instance, with this example, I'd be able to set up a few filters:

A block from "blogarama" url referrer, with page title including "dating". I see there are wildcards that would be needed as well:

And I need to fill in Output To -> Constructor , which I'm not sure what to put there... if anyone can help me know what to put in these fields, including the wildcard, I'll be able to figure out!

Thank you so guys
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