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Hi so I've done some backlinks within my PBN to homepages and its done very well, i understand on-site but as I'm starting more advanced off-site link building- I'm confused on best practices. Now im moving on to long tail pages. On-site wise I'm confident, I've ranked some #1 for a few sites but now it wasn't super competitive, now they are.

Let's say I want to rank for "red hats for sale"

So I make, great.

What i was doing was creating a bunch of clickable links "red hats for sale" with title= "red hats" for sale. Now i see how wrong that was, 10-20% max is what looks reasonable from my recent research as it looks more organic.

When I get blog posts written, how should they be linking into my site. Isn't it a problem if they use the long tail anchor text or something similar to link onto my homepage not the long tail? Could this cause confusion and google starts to rank my homepage rather than the long tail?

I understand its more natural, most bloggers are not going to link to a long tail. So is that really all it is? Do they not even need to use "red hats" or any variation for anchor text? They simply just use my brand name linking to my home page and if I do a good job on the long tail (onsite wise) it will just rank on its own?

So building up the homepage simply strengthens the long tails on my site? Should I ever try and get my long tail keyword as a clickable link, linking back to the long tail?

If you're going to say no, then should just link back to the homepage, should they use the long tail anchor text or brand name?

Thank you.
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