Is PHP framework Codeigniter good for SEO?

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A company asked our marketing agency about the best php framework that work best with SEO.

They are going to build a website and ios/android app.

Their business depends mainly on search engine to acquire leads.

They plan to use codeigniter for their website.

What do you think?

Thanks in advance!
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    PHP just another language like CGI, Java, ASP etc. that have nothing to do with SEO

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      But you there are some frameworks and content management platforms like WordPress that make it easy for you to improve SEO even when you are beginner.

      And I read that frameworks could affect the SEO performance and Google like JavaScript frameworks (because it is fast) more than PHP frameworks. (except wordpress and other cms).

      I don't know if this claim is correct or not.

      Also, are there plugins or apps that can simplify SEO in codeigniter or laravel?

      Thank you very much for help. Appreciate it!

      Best Regards
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    Yes, CodeIgnitor is a good framework which you can use for your website, though SEO is not dependent on any framework. It depends primarily on off-site and on-site SEO. However, if you are indeed looking for a framework which is optimal for SEO, you can use Lavarel or Yii or CodeIgnitor.

    You need to make sure that the content is optimised as per the description and you are good to go! You can choose whichever floats your boat most efficiently.
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    PHP is other language like java, asp, and java advance. this not important for SEO.
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    CodeIgniter does not have problems with setting up an SEO-friendly site. It just takes some planning with your developer to create a good marketing strategy.
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    Simply do good work make your web page lite and efficient so it's load quickly and looks beautiful because it's a factor of SEO everything else really does not matter and i listen about new mobile language introduce by google and it's load real fast on mobile and google gives you extra points for that but i am not really sure.
    Thanks and have a nice day.
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