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Kindly guide me how to handle the following situation.
I have a product lets say "Sony Headphones XYZ " { This product specs are

Over-ear type, Water proof and durable}
Lets I made following posts for my Headphone sites
1. Water Proof Headphone
2. Durable Headphones
3. Over Ear Headphone

Since Sony product XYZ qualify for the above 3 posts so I would like to present

this product with its specification on above 03 posts . Now I have following

1 would it create a duplication of content ?
2 How to deal with it?
3 What is the right way of dealing Affiliate products.

Best Regards.
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    Duplicate content appears on every single website. You've got the same content in the header and footer of every single page, for instance.

    Having similar or even the same block of text repeated on many pages is not going to hurt you. If it did, only one page would show up for Amazon results for any given query. In fact, whenever you searched for any product on Google there would often be only result if pages were not allowed to have ANY of the same content.

    Every one of our eCommerce sites has "duplicate content" on its pages - shipping information, links to return policies, etc. that is on every single product page. And, of course, many products show up in multiple categories and those pages are not penalized or de-indexed by Google (think of shirts that come in multiple colors and how they often have a product page for each color). There is no "penalty" for that.

    In your case, it is only a small portion of the text on a page that will be the same as on other pages. The rest of the copy on the page, I assume, will be geared toward something slightly different. Don't worry about it at all.
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