I have a Question about relevancy when we build backlinks?

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Could you please help me with one of my queries?

I have a Question about relevancy when we build backlinks. My website is "Experience Design Agency" provides a wide range of services in software designing and development.

Let's take an example of a Technology blog, which has further categorized "technology" into several sub-categories, like web development, ux & design, apps, artificial engineering, and so on.

If I outreach them to get published a guest post on the topic "Benefits of mobile apps" and it gets published under the sub-category "Apps" providing linkback to one of the relevant pieces of content on my website i.e. either a blog post or service page with detailed info.

If the domain name (main home page) who is providing linkback, is not completely (100%) relevant in context to our website but either a webpage or a blog post of the same domain having the relevant piece of content in context to our website niche, then will it be considered relevant to get linkback (on the basis of relevancy)?
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    Your domain name is irrelevant. Sites are not ranked on their names; otherwise, Amazon might only rank for things having to do with the rainforest or river.

    Getting a backlink from a quality site that is somewhat relevant to the page it is linking to is what you want. For instance, if you had a blog article about baseball and got a link from a site that dealt with weight training, that would be relevant. If the link was from a site about kittens, it wouldn't be.

    Finally, remember that search engines rank individual pages, not entire websites.
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    I understood your question, first, you need to know that Google does not rank the entire site itself, it ranks the relevant pages to the required queries so yes the domain name does not matter if the blogs or landing pages you are getting those links for are relevant.
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    The domain name does not matter for ranking, Relevancy, and user experience matters. For better ranking, you should focus on website authority and relevancy. Like - you should post your content on relevant site and relevant category like- if you are posting about home decoration website should be related to interior design niche SO that website can give you authority for information and also it will help you to pass quality link and rank better on the search engine. Content, anchor text, hyperlink and category all should be relevant for quality backlink.
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    It would be beneficial for blogs to inform where provided content
    it offer is coming from simply because by linking to original site
    good blog would create trust by providing applicable credit.

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