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I have two websites:
  1. one is on the Wix platform
  1. the second one is on WordPress

The reason I did another website on the WordPress platform was that two years ago when Google did the medic update my website from the Wix platform fell off the first page for all the keywords and fell down to page 5 for its main keyword.

Recently the exact same thing has happened and now It has happened with the word press. An update recently passed with Google and it dropped both your sites on the page 4 and five.

What can i do please?
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    G. just don't want sites that got to the top to be there for too long.

    So what G does, once in a while it would shake the tree to clear
    some room for what it believes the most appropriate replacement
    for what you have endlessly sweet your ass trying to outsmart it
    without realizing that G is creating and playing by it own rules.

    Sure one day you'll get lucky and will get your site in #1 spot but...
    as soon as "who is on the top algo" will find your site in there, your
    presence on the top, as you already know, would come to the end.

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    First of all I would amalgamate my content on one website and build brand authority. If you think you are going to drive more traffic just because you have 2 websites you are wrong . So use 1 website build up your archives and run site test in your website periodically to see what needs to be updated.
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