The Most Absurd Advice About SEO You See On The Forum

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SEO wise, there are some really ridiculous bits of advice on the forum.

One such advise is often repeated over and over, thread to thread, post to post. Many of us will often share a link to the source that proves the advise is simply wrong. Still, people continue to repeat the bad advise.

What bad advise do you see repeated over and over? My contribution..

"Google Penalizes Duplicate Content."
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    Come on man, if they would stop copy, regurgitate and post
    the same stuff again and again, WP would have to shutdown
    and then put pad lock not only on SEO forum but on half dozen
    of "popular forums" which wouldn't make sense simply because:
    - what are you going to do if there is nothing left to bitching about?

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    The most absurd advice is any directed to those posting the same old SEO nonsense in the hope that: a) this time they'll take note of it, and b) they bothered to actually read the thread in the first place.
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    I tested that "theory" and in general it is wrong as I managed to duplicate an entire article and rank same article for nearly a dozen keyword phrases in the top 5 of search but this penalty argument about duplicate content is pure bull.

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    The most common taboo I hear about is to "never EVER" buy links. Yet, talk to any law firm and they'll tell you they spend anywhere between $10K and $30K (per MONTH) for directory listings. Do those directory listings have everything but a link to keep Google happy? Of course not. So, either it's okay for the good 'ol boys club and not for the other guy, or links are good (still) no matter if you pay for them or not.

    Get your non-fiction book done without typing >>

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    • keyword cannibalization
    • your content must be xxxx words long
    • porn and gambling links will bring a penalty (Google loves porn and gambling)
    • you should only build X number of links per week
    • .gov and .edu links are magical
    • content is king
    • bounce rate is a ranking factor

    Take your pick.
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    There are plenty of myths that have the initials "DA" in them.
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    You need fresh content.
    You need long articles.
    Keyword density must be 3%.
    Only get links from high DA, high PA sites.
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    I have heard people yell at the top of their voices that SEO is important in ranking. But no one dare explain the nity gritty of SEO.
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    * SEO is dead
    * Build links white hat (no idea how)
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