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by RobVJ
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I remember hearing a while ago that if you see a situation where the serp is always battling for positions between the different pages then it shows that no one has really been crowned number one and google is still figuring out the best article for the positions.

That said, i have come across a few examples where i can see this in action - with some search terms, it's completely volatile - all pages are coming and going.

With other search terms, i see maybe 1 has specifically answered the long-tail search term and ranked consistently for number 1 while the others who are not quite as targeted, are volatile and always batteling for the other spots.

Would you conclude that serp volatility is a signal that with the right targeted article, you have a chance to be a consistent number 1?
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    No, you can't conclude that you're hitting the targeted article and will rank on this always.

    You need to update your article regularly to remain on top numbers.

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    Absolutely you can be crowned if your page fulfills the searchers intent.

    Volatility can be frustrating sometimes and leads to seos loosing their head to it.

    I had faced this once with my keyword and all I did was stop making changes in the meta & content, just waited for 10 to 15 days then suddenly an update rolled out and put me on 1st.
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      Ye, i think it can be viewed as a good sign when the serp is volatile.

      I am doing some KW research right now for a new site and using Ahrefs and Semrush i can see for some of the keywords the serps page has been volatile for some time. Personally, i see that as a signal that better more targeted content is needed
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        Yup. You have an opportunity to get ranked.

        If the SERPs are volatile and the topic is a low hanging fruit....

        Grab it!
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    Most of the time if a SERP is really that volatile and it is not centered around a new product or service, it is because it is a SERP dominated by black hat SEOs. Things like pay-day loans or sites about big dick pills where they will throw up sites, make as much money as they can until the site gets penalized, and then throw up the next site. They just keep putting up new sites knowing they will get penalized eventually.
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    no one has really been crowned number one

    Absolutely you can be crowned

    Maybe 'king for a day'?
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