Search Engine Journal Report: How to Boost PPC ROI with Call Tracking and Conversation Intelligence

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A new article on Search Engine Journal says that PPC advertisers need to leverage conversation tracking and Google's call tracking option just doesn't cut the mustard.

There's basically no single best way to market any business. However, whatever your approach, you should be measuring the things that matter most. While most businesses measure conversions, they also need to measure what they cost to achieve - and that's where call tracking comes in. You can improve the way you do that by:

Identifying Wasted Ad Spend

You can avoid wasting budget if you're able to attribute your leads.

How to implement effective lead attribution:
  • Focus on the Sources That Unlock Opportunities
  • Track Calls From Online & Offline Campaigns

Uncovering New Keywords That Drive Leads

Call tracking can also help you discover new keywords for attracting prospects. If you can integrate call tracking with your website, that enables you to monitor on a visitor level. Each time a visitor arrives on your website, the software assigns them a phone number from your website pool. The author says that each phone number is assigned to one visitor at a time so you can link calls directly to individual visitors and gain insights from call analytics.

>Using Visitor Tracking

This is great for capturing relevant keywords - some software can spot them in conversations, scanning phone calls for common phrases or words.

Improving Customer Experience & Closing More Deals

You can help your business drive quality conversations with your customers by using your call transcripts:

Eliminating Marketing Blind Spots

How a lead contacted you isn't as relevant as how much the contact cost. Tracking every point of the customer journey can allow you to construct better campaigns and direct resources where they do the most good. Sometimes, however, Google tracking doesn't have what it takes to do that. It's possible you'll need to look past Google call tracking if you want:
  • To track from more than Google Ads.
  • To own your numbers.
  • A solution that's easier to install.
  • To get richer call details.
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