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So i am about to start a new site - it's going to be an info site - hardly any affiliate links (except for a couple of cheap products) as the niche doesn't really have any affiliate products. So, i won't be able to rely on that for monetization.

Is there a way to get an estimate on ad revenue to consider if it's worth the time and investment? If there were affiliate products, other than a few cheap products, i wouldn't have any concerns, but without a second revenue stream im a little concerned.

If i am able to get the traffic there is potential for particular digital products - ebooks etc, even a membership model - but thats a long way off and a lot of time and investment - im more than happy to put the time and money in but i would like to find out if ad revenue will play a significant role in the monetization.

From my analysis, there's plenty of traffic and not too much competition. pretty sure i can put on my SEO hat (beginner hat!) and do a good job outranking what's there.

How would you guys go about investigating such an issue ?
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    no one has any thoughts on this
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    You can't begin to have an idea about ad revenue until you have traffic - tons of it, in fact. Nobody is going to pay to place ads on a site without a whole lot of very relevant traffic.

    Have you considered seeing if there are products around the niche that could be dropshipped?
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    There is traffic I'm sure about that, plenty of it. I haven't built the site yet but im seriously considering it.

    There are no products really to affiliate with this niche - perhaps i can take parallels with a site about elephants, I'm guessing there won't be any products you can affiliaite - If you are able to pull in say 35k unique visitors per month, could there be 1000usd per month - i know its an impossible question to answer, but is it likely?

    Ive heard ad platforms don't give high rpm for sites that dont sell stuff
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    There may be a lot of people interested in the subject - thousands per day - but that hardly means that your site will capture all of those people. It's a long road to rising to the top in the SERPs and even if you get to #1, you still won't get all the traffic.

    I get it, though ... is it worth building a site and going through the many many months (or longer) getting it to rise in the SERPs if there really is no monetary benefit? If you are having that hard of a time finding things to sell or promote, I imagine people who would want to advertise on the site will be just as hard to find (I mean, what will they be trying to promote if you can't find anything?), so the answer is probably not!

    BTW, a site about elephants might actually have some related products. I know people who collect elephant figurines, buy statues for their yard, coffee cups, t-shirts - really all sorts of stuff with elephants on them.
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      Thanks for the reply Dave

      Maybe you're right - maybe not enough earning potential for it to be worth it - i guess probably a low RPM with only 2-3 10 usd products while selling some digital ebook won't be worth it.... still might try it as im curious to see what the results will be but i guess it will be more of a learning curve than a monetary gain.

      Out of curiosity - how do ad platforms determine what ads to display on a site? is it through the cookies on your computer or based on the content of the site or perhaps just on your demographic?
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