Search Engine Journal's Year-End Audit Tips

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A new article on Search Engine Journal says that performing a year-end audit is worthwhile and leads to improved performance.

Looking at traffic
  • Did the pandemic cause website traffic to change?
  • Have you seen specific channels, whether in search or not, that have seen a positive or negative transient in user behavior and engagement with site touchpoints?
  • Has traffic on landing pages or exit pages changed a lot over the course of the year?


Often, you'll add more to your website in a year than you'll remove, so a technical audit is a must. Use Google Analytics to look at things year-on-year and compare load speeds. That makes it easy to isolate offending additions.

Looking at keywords

Look at paid and organic keyword volume trends over time. Do year-long terms have a healthy search volume or did that change during the year? Is there anything month-related that can guide your strategy for 2021?


Which content worked best? What got he highest page views? Look from the point of view of key performance indicators for your website - content doesn't necessarily generate sales immediately, so think about that generated engagement and brand awareness. Where did your newsletter sign-ups come from?


Look at where you're losing and gaining inbound links. During 2020, we lost the ability to attain links via physical marketing activities and events.

Which months performed well for gaining links? What type of links were they?

Looking ahead to 2021

While 2020 was hard to get through, if we examine how it changed the way we work, we can learn stuff worth knowing. Conducting a thorough review of your activity throughout that twelve months can give you a greater understanding of what's required for 2021.
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