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When I Google, I do see many LinkedIn articles ranking for different keywords whatever the keywords are. If I view the page source, I do not see any "noindex" tag, and naturally, Google is indexing those (and that's why they are legitimate candidates of ranking for keywords in the first place, which in turn is why I am finding them on Google).

Of late, I tried posting a few articles on LinkedIn. Each of these received a "noindex" tag in their body, and none of these got indexed. Any idea why?

I later went ahead and checked for a couple of folks I know personally, that have posted in 2018, I saw all of those articles to have a "noindex" tag too. Mentioned this to give the information here that it is not specific to my account, and those articles by those others had nothing to do with money making at all - far from it.

By the way, if I log into LinkedIn and then view the page source, I do not see the "noindex" tag. That does not matter as far as SEO is concerned, because the moment I log out and check the articles, I again do see the "noindex" tag back in the source content body (and this "noindex" is the version that Google ought to see as that is the "public" version).

Any input / insight will be appreciated. Note, here my objective was to rank the LinkedIn article on Google, and has nothing to do with linking back to my site (so I do care about "noindex" vs. not, but do not care about "nofollow" vs. not).
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