SEO Tips When Creating a Site Map?

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I've asked this question a few times, with the general answer being, "When the site map is bad for SEO you can just tell."

Does anyone here have anything specifically they look to do (or things they look to AVOID) when it comes to building out a site map that can be effectively and efficiently crawled? Any input is super appreciated!

Edit: A lot of people are replying (which I appreciate) assuming I'm talking about smaller sites or mini pages. I'm asking in general, when building a site map for a site that actively needs it, what do you look for in a "good" site map, and what do you find with "bad" site maps. Thanks!
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    Honestly, if your site is less than a few hundred thousand pages and has decent navigation and link structure, you don't really even need one.
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    Thanks for the Information.
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    I doesn't matter for mini websites
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      I work with a digital design agency, so we actually do full builds of pretty major brand websites. Looking for tips regarding actual sites that need site maps.
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    The only thing I can think of is to watch out for Tag and Category site maps. Not sure if this is true but I have read that naming the Tags the same as Categories should be avoided.

    Quote from Yoast post:
    "Duplicate tags and categories
    A related issue we often see, are sites that have duplicate tags and categories. When you have a category "bathing suits", you shouldn't have a tag "bathing suits" too. If you do, which one should Google rank first?

    The same goes for single or plural; an article shouldn't be in the categories "shirt" and "shirts". A post shouldn't have the tag "WordPress plugin" and "WordPress plugins". One of those shouldn't exist. Pick single or plural and stick with it for all your category and tag terms."

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    Quality of content, and link building rank every website, no matter how many pages are there...

    I also have one question in mind about sitemap.
    Why gsite crawller not considering or crawling https sites for generating sitemaps?
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