What Causes Massive Drops in Referring Pages on Otherwise Healthy Sites

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So I've noticed a trend with a lot of sites (note- I'm using ahrefs for this data) where referring domains grows pretty steadily at a 30% rate over time, but referring PAGES has a strong spike, and then a very sudden drop after a few months. One example, in a month, went from 130,000 referring pages to about 40,000, while referring domains remained steady.

My main assumptions when I see that is that they launched a new site in that time, or that the links were likely nofollow links from message boards that got deleted. Does anyone have any other thoughts on what might cause such a massive drop of backlinks for otherwise healthy sites that are at least SEO-aware?

Any hypotheses would be greatly welcome! I just want to have a better sense of events that can lead to that, because I see it on a lot of sites.
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    Could be they removed a sitewide link - like in a sidebar or footer. This oftentimes happens when blogs are configured to only show a certain number of "recent posts" in the sidebar plugin of its pages.

    No matter, referring pages might bring you some extremely minimal traffic, but they don't really do anything for SEO and helping your site rank. Referring domains are key as far as that is concerned.
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