Five Secrets to Getting the Most Out of Agencies (& How to Avoid Getting Burned)

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A new article on Search Engine Journal reports that you can register now to join in with the next sponsored Search Engine Journal webinar, with the event featuring Paxton Gray, who is the CEO at 97th Floor.

Are you currently working with an agency or planning to hire one soon?

Register now for the next sponsored Search Engine Journal webinar. Paxton Gray, CEO at 97th Floor, will discuss the keys to building a productive relationship with your marketing agency, as well as some of the warning signs to look out for when hiring one.

It doesn't take much to have a bad experience with an agency. A few common mistakes and it can very quickly turn into a huge waste of everyone's time and money.

But when you use an agency correctly (yes, there is a right way), you'll get not only a go-to team of experts with specialized knowledge but a true partner that can generate stunning results.

We're giving insider info to help people and companies understand steps they can take to get the most value out of the relationship with their agency.

The webinar covers several aspects of dealing with and getting the most out of working with agencies. Join the event and you'll learn:
  • How to know the right time to bring in an agency (and when not to).
  • Why trust is a two-way street.
  • Ways to align goals with work and guarantee success.
  • Effective communication, or how to make sure you get what you want.
  • How to foster true innovation.
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