How are sites getting inbound links from in their Moz link profile?

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Hi everyone,

I've been doing SEO for 7 years or so. One main thing I do is find competitors' link profiles on Moz, and try and replicate the links for my clients.

On many competitors I see urls as the first on the list, with the highest PA and DA. Tinyurls are just shortened URLs, correct? So how are they getting credit for being linked to from TinyURL?

Am I missing something? Maybe this is a really dumb question, but it's strange how it reflects as a link from a third party domain, and just want to make sure I'm not missing out on an easy SEO tactic for my clients.

Thanks everyone.
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    Why wouldn't it count as a link? It links to their page just like any other link.

    By the way, judging links by DA is a terrible idea. So is Moz, but that's another story.
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    Originally Posted by David C. View Post

    Am I missing something?
    Hmm... the google bot does what exactly? Literally goes from one link to the next and the next and the next right? How exactly do you think Google wouldnt know where a link goes even a tinylink? Kind of amusing anyways, that Google now passes those links, when the actual intent of "tinylinks" was to "trick" Google in the first place
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