SEO For Small Business: Five Ways To Punch Above Your Weight

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A new article on Search Engine Journal asks how can your small business possibly compete against brands, major media companies, and other big players in Google search results?

One of the fundamental advantages of internet marketing - and SEO specifically - is that it can empower businesses of all sizes to compete more effectively, lowering the impact of budget differentials. Small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) or enterprises should aim to gain ground on larger competitors in the same digital space and maximize the opportunities of being a smaller entity online. In this post, take a practical look at SEO for small businesses and five ways an SMB can punch above their weight.
  1. Become The Expert Voice In Your Niche: As an SMB, you have an ideal chance to position your expertise at the forefront of your business through yourself and other key staff. Within the online community, you are able to provide a credible, trusted, and real-world face to an often colder perceived online approach of many bigger brands. Smaller entities are frequently seen as already being closer to their audience, so when SMBs are able to pivot, identify, nurture and share their offline ways of operating online, the rewards can be vast.
  2. Do The Basics Well: I appreciate that 'basics' can have numerous connotations. However, for small business SEO, always keep the focus on the fundamentals for success. Your time, resource, and budget may place limitations on experimentation, so ensure you place emphasis on the known factors that impact SEO and your website visitor successes. Do not get lost on vanity metrics or measurements of success that prevent you from investing those gains into more SEO and digital marketing. There are many basics to prioritize, and they will differ depending on your starting point for SEO, but keep it simple.
  3. Authority Building With Credible Content Creation: Smaller businesses tend to have a thorough understanding of their audience. When this is combined with SEO and an evidence-led mindset for content building, it can support substantial marketing benefits. The creation of high-performance digital content doesn't have to be fully reliant on the business, or only available through outsourcing to an agency. Once you have committed to a content plan, you will want to focus on the value to your audience versus the commercial value to your business, and adjust the course as you go, to get this balance right.
  4. Leverage Local Optimization: To punch above your weight in SEO, you need to get every ounce of value from the time you invest online. Local optimization for SMBs will always offer a chance to increase your return on investment. The reason behind this is that you have a legitimate claim to your local community, and in many cases, a more genuine claim to this visibility than other competing sites, regardless of scale. You will not likely find an SEO post for SMBs which does not factor in local SEO, and that's because it works.
  5. Become The Problem Solver: One thing that is ever-present in all industries is the need for people to have their questions answered, plus their pain points addressed. Prioritizing problem-solving is a common tactic that helps bring the business in front of their audience online at periods when they are needed the most, As a monthly (ideally weekly) exercise, take a delve into your Google Search Console data and find all the terms that include; who, what, why, where, when, how.
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    Small business can often reap the benefits of well done SEO , although the budget may be way smaller than its bigger competitors and counterparts small businesses have the advantage of knowing their local community and having a niche based clientele which will in turn help drive better Traffic through SEO

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