PPC and Amazon Products - Anyone Here Tried It?

by mrizos
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Hi Guys, I was just curious if any of you had much success with:

PPC to product squeeze/review lander to Amazon?

I was going to target items in Electronics for about $200-$300.
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    I've tried this, you're best targetting a good 5 different products at first all based around a certain theme (ie, Televisions). Setup a campaign called "Televisions" then do adgroups based around the brand of television. Then do ads which target "Brand - Model" for high quality score and low CPC. Ensure keywords are present in all your landing pages with titles, description, internal linking structure etc.

    What's the commision like with Amazon lately?

    For your PPC I would target "exact" matching buying (ie, model name) keywords for popular new products. This will hopefully ensure low CPC and low competition.

    Give it a try and update this thread with how you get on

    P.S. work out commsion per sale, double it and test that budget with your ad campaign for that model. If it doesn't convert, optimise. If it still doesn't convert, drop it and try another.
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      pay per lead is much better conversion rates than pay per sale
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  • I haven´t tried PPC with Amazon so far. Only with SEO. I think cheap products, products where people do not think a lot about, sell best. The more expensive the products are, the more people compare them with each other and do not buy immediately. My conversion ist usually about 2.75% with products that make me a $3 commission on average.

    I don´t know if electronics are that good for advertising. They deliver a higher commission but are also more difficult to sell. If you would try shirts, for instance, and Amazon has a large assortment of shirts, I think conversion would be much higher. People do not read reviews on shirts, if they see one they like they will buy it. And people who are looking for buying clothes often buy a lot more clothes at the same time. Even if a shirt costs only $20, the average order from most people might be much more items and be much higher.
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    Here is a tip:

    www.ClickRiver.com is the system behind Amazons own PPC platform. Get your ads directly on Amazon

    Free Insider Tips for Mobile Pops >> AffiliateSuccess.com

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