Four Signs Your Agency Is Ready To Take On Enterprise SEO

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A new article on Search Engine Journal reports that evolving into an enterprise SEO agency can be challenging but rewarding. Here's how you'll know it's time to make the transition.

It might be time to move from traditional to enterprise SEO. This is not a light decision by any means. It's challenging stuff, to put it bluntly. You had better have the staff, the skills, the sales ability, and the confidence in place to go out there and present yourself as a search optimizer for some of the largest brands on the Internet.

When You Can Handle The Page Volume

You'll know you can transition to enterprise SEO when you can handle a significantly increased volume of pages to optimize. As you can imagine, fixing duplicate title tags, meta descriptions, H1s, and content on a local lawyer's website is quite different from doing it for the number two or three online shoe retailer in the country. And I'm not just talking about having knowledgeable personnel to do the work physically.

If you're scaling up, there is also the issue of the automation tools you'll probably need to upgrade to crawl everything. Sure, Screaming Frog has just the free version and one paid version, but if you use Semrush or Ahrefs, you may need to upgrade to the biggest and best plans. That's because, depending on the size of the client, you'll need to be able to track 10,000 keywords rather than 5,000 and run more site audits every month.

If you look at pricing for those upper plans and determine you can afford them based on what you'll be making, you may be in a good spot to make the changeover.

When Your Agency Is Mature Enough

The next benchmark to meet if you want to take on enterprise SEO clients is to be a mature agency. To say that a company is mature is to say that it has all its pieces in place to continue growing at a steady pace and become a real heavy hitter in its industry. If your agency came out of the startup phase, you might remember how things were different. You probably had a skeleton crew with more than enough work to handle.

Your processes from day to day might have been pretty scattered, with no preferred practices explicitly defined or followed. You got things done, but maybe only after working 60 or more hours a week. Mature companies have moved beyond that, though. They have stabilized and accrued enough retained earnings to hire managers and teams and define processes for everything.

When You Have the Organizational Structure

You'll know you're ready to move into enterprise SEO when you have the organizational structure to handle the biggest clients. I don't just mean the number of bodies you have in seats. That's absolutely crucial, but whether you have 60 employees or 80 doesn't matter as much to me as making sure every one of those employees is in the right seat and has subscribed to the overall company vision.

Everyone at your company should be doing what they are best at and following the goals set by the team leads and the executive management. Since we are talking about team leads - middle managers, if you like - the best things they can do for the members of their teams are to define goals clearly, empower them to help themselves, encourage their success, let them know they care about them, and always be there to help when necessary.

When employees feel appreciated and valued as a part of the overall undertaking, they tend to be happier in their roles. And employees happy in their roles are more likely to be all-in on the company's mission statement and give their best to delivering the best-darned enterprise SEO product on the planet.

When You Have the Revenue to Cover Further Growth Periods

Finally, let's talk about revenue and how you'll need it to grow into the enterprise SEO agency you want. Say you're a small to mid-sized SEO agency that wants to get into the enterprise game. That period where you position yourself as an entity that can handle the big fish will probably have some bumps.

It won't happen overnight, and while your sales team or subject-matter experts are working on closing leads, you will need more short-term gains to finance the comparative slowness of your enterprise growth. But don't minimize the importance of that other revenue. Breaking into a new game takes time. If you drop everything to focus on landing one or two big clients, you're not going to have the resources to do anything that I have laid out here; certainly not to hire and grow your teams and processes.

Define the vision and processes that will lead your client services managers to show real value to your clients, and they will want to stay with you for the duration.
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