Twelve Essential SEO Data Points For Any Website

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A new article on Search Engine Journal reports that if you feel like you're drowning in a deluge of data, there are twelve SEO data points you don't want to overlook, as they're essential to your strategy.

The key to success is choosing the best SEO data points. Here are a collection of 12 data points to consider that will help improve all areas of your SEO.
  1. Core Web Vitals: Core Web Vitals (CWV) are a set of metrics representing what the page loading experience is for site users. The CWV metrics are also a (minor) ranking factor.
  2. Server Speed: Website server speed influences how fast pages are served and how many of them can be served at the same time.
  3. Publishing Frequency: People want lots of quality content, and they want it all the time. The more content that is published on a daily schedule, the better.
  4. Number Of Indexed Pages: If Google isn't indexing your pages, that may mean there's something wrong with your content and/or the entire website. The Search Console Index Coverage Report provides the data on indexed pages, including discovered but not indexed pages.
  5. Search Console Impressions: Search Console shows how often your site appeared in the search results for a variety of keyword phrases. In Google Search Console, this data point is called impressions.
  6. Excessive Scrolling: Excessive scrolling is a user experience data point provided by Microsoft Clarity. Clarity is a free user experience analytics program that is low impact and GDPR compliant. It comes with machine learning that can alert publishers with problems, and provides a variety of metrics that show user behavior on a site. The excessive scrolling metric is a flag signaling that improvements to content are needed.
  7. Reading Behavior: Reading Behavior is another Microsoft Clarity data point. This metric shows how many readers are engaged and how many abandon the webpage at the headline.
  8. Scroll Data: The Scroll Data Microsoft Clarity metric is very important because it reveals how far down webpage users are scrolling. Identifying where on a webpage visitors are abandoning a page can help debug a technical issue or maybe a problem with the content itself.
  9. Missing Or Duplicate Meta Data: Duplicate or missing title tags and meta descriptions are especially bad and surprisingly common on websites.
  10. Image Size: This is a data point related to speed. Mobile data bandwidth can be barely usable. Image size is one of the easiest things to control, yet one of the variables that many sites ignore when optimizing.
  11. Backlinks: While backlinks are very much one of the most important ranking factors, in today's search algorithms it's not necessarily the deciding ranking factor. But, another layer of relevance can be applied that re-ranks the search results for things like relevance, user intent, geolocation, and user expectations, to name a few reasons.
  12. Earnings might not initially seem like an SEO data point, but it is. While earnings are the whole point of SEO, earnings are a data point that can work together with other metrics, like traffic and keyword rankings, to tell the entire story of what's happening. This enables a publisher to make more accurate decisions.
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    I think this is valuable suggestion for SEO.
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    Seasonality is an essential data point for eCommerce websites. From a local SEO standpoint - NAP consistency, GMB & Bing profile insights are valuable data points.

    At a high level, tracking revenue, and conversions (micro & macro) are key interactions that impact business.
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    All the points are important, Mostly I believe if you can match the relevancy with the user search term on Google with all the ranking factors you will definitely rank higher.
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