Four SEO Copywriting Tips For Sharper, More Effective Copy

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A new article on Search Engine Journal says that you can avoid common mistakes that weaken your writing - keep it engaging and search engine-friendly with these copywriting tips.

Even novice SEO copywriters can make a huge difference by doing a few simple things:
  1. Target 2-3 Keywords Or Keyword Phrases: Focused copy is typically the best sales copy. And even in long-form pieces, targeting too many keywords - especially non-related keywords - results in copy that doesn't grab the reader. Your content should be as long as it needs to answer your site visitors' questions adequately. Long-form copy is great for customers looking for information or at the top of the buying funnel.
  2. Break Up Your Copy: Large walls of words can be intimidating on a web page. When a visitor encounters a page that is nothing but pixels and pixels of copy, it can be off-putting enough to procrastinate, thus causing the visitor to leave the page. Using graphic elements such as bulleted or numbers lists, pull quotes, ample images, etc
  3. Keep Your Keywords On A Post-it Note: When writing copy with an SEO focus, it's important to keep track of the words you are writing. Specifically, it's important to understand how frequently you use your keyword phrase throughout your copy. Just as with the overall word count, there isn't a hard and fast limit on how many times you can use a keyword in a specific piece of copy. Novice SEO writers tend to stuff the copy full of keywords, so it reads like a repetitive catalog entry. This is not the way. The copy must make sense to the end consumer. You don't have to hit the search engine over the head with signals that a page is about a certain keyword phrase.
  4. Read The Copy Out Loud: When in doubt, read your copy out loud. If you still aren't sure, read it aloud to someone else. When you read the copy out loud, you aren't necessarily looking for ways to make the copy better - it should be good by the time it gets to this point. Reading the copy aloud helps SEO specialists and Webmasters understand if the copy flows.
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    Great Post
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    My god that is a terrible article. It should be filed under, "Tell me you know nothing about SEO without telling me you know nothing about SEO."

    Ignore anyone that tells you that you should focus on only 2-3 keywords on a page.

    I just helped a client create a ultimate guide page where we are targeting well over 50 keywords.

    I'm editing another page right now that got clicks last month from almost 250 different search queries.

    Here is a great tip for SEO copywriters... Copywriters should stay in their lane. Write the copy. Let an actual SEO worry about the the SEO considerations.
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      Useful information, so many different opinions..
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      I don't understand. Shouldn't a copywriter presents an article that's also related to SEO?
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  • I think there's value in tip #2 from a user experience perspective. A block of text is harder to read. It's easier to get visitors to explore your site when you keep the text short and you have short, visible cues on where they should go.
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  • There are also many processes to write a good post
    Chosse realistic keyword
    Analyze top-ranking contents
    Offer answer to related questions
    Explore the topic in-depth
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