Want to learn how to beat your competition using only SERPs? This article promises answers

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A new article on Search Engine Journal says that if you've been wondering how you can easily beat your competition without adding another tool to your marketing stack, SERP data has the solutions you seek.

SERP data is the information located within each individual result on the SERP.

And here's the thing.....

This data is free-to-see, public web data that can help you improve and boost your position in search engines around the world. You can pull SERP information from both paid and organic search results, and get full visibility into what your competition is doing. You can use SERPs to:
  • Uncover hidden trends.
  • Improve paid advertising.
  • Expose content gaps.
  • Understand how content performs from region to region.

Long story short, there is a lot of great data to collect, due to the different factors that affect a SERP, such as location, search history, and device. These ever-increasing factors continue to make it difficult to perform manual SERP data collection. The good news is, that with SERP scrapers, and a read of the original article, you no longer need to do it by hand.


Let me know what you think, and even how you got on!<
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    Your post is very informative and extremely helpful. But paid advertisement is costly for us.
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      Have you explored cheaper alternates?

      Originally Posted by worldhiter View Post

      Your post is very informative and extremely helpful. But paid advertisement is costly for us.
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    Thank you for sharing an useful post.
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    It sounds like a useful App. Hoping it is better than Google Keyword planner.

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