Long read on Wix SEO: Five tips to get the results you want

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There's a lot to take in here, but an interesting new article on Search Engine Journal teaches you how to learn advanced Wix-specific techniques. Tips come from a group of Wix experts, heping you boost your SEO and achieve better results.

If you use Wix, you're not alone. Over 200 million people trust their websites to it.

That's a lot of people, and a good reason to read the original article!

And no, this isn't your typical generic post highlighting the SEO functionality baked into Wix - it's far more helpful than that.

It focuses on some things you may not realize about Wix instead, and explains how that plays into optimizing your own Wix site. The author even collected tips from the wider SEO team at Search Engine Journal to help give you a more well-rounded look at working with Wix for SEO.

So, do yourself and me a favor. If you can spare half an hour, give this a read, try a few things out, and let everyone know how you got along.
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