Google's top global and search trends of 2022

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This is well worth a read, as Google publishes its yearly report of top search trends with new categories for local searches.

Google's annual report of top search trends is available, including all new categories not seen in previous years. Google publishes data on the top trending searches every year, which is attractive on its own, but you may ask, "What can I do with this information?"

In addition to satisfying general curiosity, Google's annual recap of the year's top trending searches offers dozens of ideas for content publishers. Each year, you can zero in on the categories that are most relevant from an SEO perspective, such as the "how to" and "near me" queries that offer insight into what searchers need help with.

The author here believes that information is more actionable for marketers than knowing Johnny Depp is the top trending person in Google in 2022, for example. This year, Google's report on top searches is even more helpful, with a whole hub dedicated to local searches. Type in a US city or zip code, and Google will highlight the top trends in that area.
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