Long tail keyword generator - what do you use?

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we've built a small SEO tool which combines words to generate long tail keyword terms.
This list can then be copied and send to your favorite keyword research tool for further investigation.

Currently, we have 5 input text boxes for keywords. The tool then combines each line with the other boxes.
(find the current live version for testing in my signature link: then top menu: "TOOLS" > "Long tail keyword generator")


box 1:

box 2:

box 3:

You then click a GENERATE button and get this:

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New macbook reviews
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That's no big magic, and I was wondering if this can somehow be more improved. I thought about preparing niche related presets, but where do you start or end, and each language has different patterns.
This empty box version gives you endless possibilities, but there is manual work required.

So I'm interested:
How do you build long tail keywords?
Which features would make your day easier to get those phrases?
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    I think the issue is simple in the case above - your keywords are associated with technical terms or products.

    I've always just used my own mind to come up with LT keywords...it's not hard in most cases, but the adjectives that lend themselves to technical keywords may be limited.

    I'm probably wrong - but I would see the list above as 'variations on keywords' rather than 'long tail'. If a tool generated that list for me, I would not be impressed...just sayin'. However, that may be strictly due to the technical nature of the base keyword.
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    thanks for your feedback.
    The tool does the combination work. It`s up to you what you put in and not limited to anything.
    gifts >> for >> kids, parents, children, christmas, father's day ....

    you get:
    gifts for kids
    gifts for parents
    gifts for children
    by preparing your own word variations you can quickly multiply all possible phrases and then mass-check their KEI scores.
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  • Profile picture of the author dave_hermansen
    Sure seems easier to me to just either use Google's keyword tool and sort by number of searches or some other SEO tool like MOZ or ahrefs if you already pay for them.

    Why would I want to look up a bunch of KW phrases that might have very little traffic? I'd rather target ones I know already have traffic.

    That said, if you are doing it for something like AdWords text ads, I guess that is fine.
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    I really like your idea for this new keyword research tool. But I want to point out that you may just focus on informational keywords rather than commercial.

    I my view google keyword planner is best keyword research tool.
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  • Profile picture of the author TheProgrammer
    I find this tool useful, but it's just a list combiner tool. Anyway, thanks for sharing. I've bookmarked it.
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    Scraping Google suggest is best to get longtails that people actually search for.
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  • Profile picture of the author tedroger
    I will prefer manual work because before generating with the tool it requires me to do some research and provide data to combine them. Why not do this manually?
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