Google might find out your websites via the Google services (G Analytics etc) you use?

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How concerned are you that Google might find out your websites via the Google services (G Analytics, G Search Console, G Tag Manager) you use?
And that Google might punish 1 or more of your websites if they see you did any black hat for anyone of them? How concerned are you about this?
Because I'm wundering how to approach setting up my Google Analytics account, if I should do it at all. What the risks might be if I do it wrong regarding exposing my websites to Google if Google notices my black hat SEO efforts to any other website that's also in my same Google Analytics account. How do you handle your websites in Google Analytics and in other Google services?
E.g. if you use a Gmail email address in Google Analytics will Google then know all your websites? So how to do this then?
E.g. Let's say Google finds out you did black hat SEO for your website X1 and because that website is only 1 of all your websites in your Google Analytics account, Google can see all those other websites in that Google Analytics account too. Will Google punish those other websites too?
Do you think Google will also find out which websites are yours by looking at other things? E.g. the 'Who Is' details of a website's domain at the domain name registrar? Or else? So then even if you don't put your websites in Google Analytics, Google still can find out your websites by such other ways.
How far do you go in preventing Google (and other search engines?) from finding out your websites?
What are your thoughts on these?
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    This may be one of the most unusual posts I've seen here for a long time.

    The 'black hat' that google is concerned with is any 'cheats' or 'hacks' that abuse the google ranking system or try to manipulate SEO.

    How well will your websites do if google does not 'find' - and index them? Think about it....your SEO goal is to be SEEN - to be rewarded with rank by Google and other search engines.

    The idea that you can use google to promote your sites and also HIDE your sites from google - is not logical. You've asked about gmail in the past and it hasn't changed.

    I know there are arguments that recommend black hat methods....but after working online for 22 years...I can honestly say that every marketer I've known who thought they were smart enough to 'fool' no longer in IM. That's not to say it isn't done. However, if you are asking the questions above, you probably should stick to more ethical standards.

    Every IMer I've met who thinks they are smarter than google - has learned otherwise over time.

    Others may well disagree, but to me if you are going to work online - be ethical about it. It is far easier to ruin a reputation for honesty online than it is to build such a reputation in the first place.
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      Originally Posted by Kay King View Post

      Others may well disagree, but to me if you are going to work online - be ethical about it. It is far easier to ruin a reputation for honesty online than it is to build such a reputation in the first place.
      True, but even more so, perhaps, is something I have always said ... It is already hard to earn a good reputation. It is almost impossible to regain a good reputation after you have lost it.

      So much of life is random and completely out of your control. One of the very few things you have absolute control over is your reputation, honesty and integrity.
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    It's not that I try to hide all my sites from Google. I think I should have added that what everybody thinks the consequences might be if 1 of my sites is caught by Google for committing black hat SEO, then what will Google do to any other sites that are in the same Google services/Google Analytics account as the site that is caught?
    Trying to figure out the risks and how I might limit them.
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    It is a valid concern that Google might find out about your websites if you use their services, such as Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and Google Tag Manager. If Google sees that you have been using black hat SEO techniques on one of your websites, they may punish all your websites linked to that same Google Analytics account.

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    Just don't do black hat SEO and then you have nothing to worry about.
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    i am not concerned at all, is it not good that your site is on goggle and they know about it

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    Thanks for the info
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