How long does it take to finish setting up on-page SEO?

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It's up to your keywords and links, for 30 keywords takes 3 weeks and should change everything
  • Write content relevant to your keywords
  • Correct grammar, Google is so sensitive about correct grammar in even small content
  • Use the keyword in your content on every page, should be normal not spam
  • Correct tags
  • Fix meta tag
  • Work on
Code if before used black hat SEO. Should remove them
*****Important: You should be careful so many not real SEO providers can change the code and redirect your site in mobile to crazy website*****

There are so many small things important together to bring up your Website and good conversation between your keywords - URL - SEO

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    Originally Posted by meettokhan View Post

    30 keywords takes 3 weeks and should change everything
    Why would it take someone 3 weeks to do SEO? If you hired someone and they were that slow, they should be fired!

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    I have to agree with DWolfe here, although it really depends on what you mean by "finish setting up a page for SEO".

    Are the pages already written and need to be tweaked for SEO or are they blank pages? If they are already written with no regards to SEO, it should probably only take 10 minutes per page (keyword) to tweak them for SEO. If they are blank pages, it could take 30 minutes, an hour, 8 hours, three days to write each page. It all depends on what the subject is and how thorough you need to be. I write for people first; then I tweak for SEO.

    Multiply that "whatever" by the number of pages and that is how long SEO takes.
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    it can be a long process, i do outsource certain parts of this because i dont have the skill sets of course you can learn though

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    On- page SEO takes only 10-20 minutes per page
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    The on-page aspect also varies depending on the type of website, whether it's a static site or an e-commerce platform. Are you referring to a static website?
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    Based on the type of website your working,Analyzing the given requirements of the business,we can decide how will it take to do on page seo.
    On page seo mainly comprises of following factors;
    1.Keyword Research:Know the intent of the user,what he is searching for.You can use the tools like keyword planner and google trends for analyzing.
    2.Title Tag:Include your keyword in the title tag,which can be known to user that what he is searching for.
    Description:Write description,in such way it is eye catchy to the user with relevant information.
    3. Optimize URL: Use Precise and keyword rich,so that user can understand what the page is about.
    4.Optimize Header Tag:Use the keyword in the Header tag which is the formatting heading of your page.
    5.Optimize Images and Anchor texts.
    6.Content:Follow :EAT funda-Expertise,Authoritative and Trust worthy content.Use quality images.
    7.Links:Check links with in the website are properly navigated to user and crawlers.
    8.Submit your website to Google search engines to monitor,manage and trouble shoots your website presence in search engines.
    9..Add your domain in the Google Search
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