Does guest blogging still work for SEO?

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Title says so. A lot of marketers guest blog to, well, link their site to some else's blog. However, some marketers employ spammy tactics, or use too many keywords in their anchor text, or even use only keywords for anchors.

What do you think? Chime in.
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    I think guest blogging can help you in ranking. But, the authority of that blog website matters. But, using other tectics may help you temporarily. It's not that good for your website impression.
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    I think that only organic ways are the best in today's time. Guest blogging stills helps but you need to understand the basic reason of guest post. Other tricks are also useful but all you need to understand the basic reason behind creating a backlink. And yeah one more thing, creating backlinks also depend on your goals that you want to achieve.
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    i am not so sure i think blog and forum commenting works a lot better

    Lets build a online business by giving value and learning how to build a email list

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    It is still a popular and effective link building strategy. According to Aira's State of Link Building report, guest blogging is the third most popular link building strategy, with 47% of surveyed SEOs using it as their go-to. However, it's important to note that Google has been cracking down on spammy guest blogging practices, such as using too many keywords in anchor text or using irrelevant content.
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    I think they can but the market is now saturated. Finding quality guest posts is hard. You have to pay well and work hard to find niche relevant sites.

    But, it still works
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    According to my experience blogging matters but it should be indexed. That is the main reason people started blogger outreach services, a little bit expensive strategy but it pays off
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    I think guest blogging can still be a solid move for SEO, including strategies involving White Label SEO. It really boils down to how you go about it. It's not just about getting a backlink anymore. What matters most is the quality of the content you're sharing and the relevance of the site you're posting on. If you're contributing genuinely insightful content to sites that align well with your niche, integrating well with your White Label SEO efforts, it's a win-win. You're offering value to a new audience and, in return, getting a nod from a relevant domain. But if it's just a play for links on random sites, you might not see the SEO boost you're hoping for. So, in my opinion, it's worth doing, but do it right. Focus on quality and relevance, and you're on the right track.
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    Partially, it does the work.
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    I'm still having success with it, but it's crucial that you only guest-write on reputable sites. Try to find popular, authoritative, and well-related websites.
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    Yes, works 50% in off-page and other backlinks 50%
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    Guest posting can be good for SEO (and your wider marketing strategy) because it helps you build your brand profile. And, by extension, brand awareness. When you showcase your expertise and partner with respected sites, you can establish credibility with readers, influencers, and Google.
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    Yes guest blogging remains the effective strategy for link building and helps your page rank well over the period of time. Since it is white hat strategy it still helps in SEO. However it is hard to make quality content and be able to post without paying, but you can always negotiate. It helps in building backlinks and therefore increases the page authority and page domain resulting in higher page ranking. So yeah guest blogging still remains a good option for seo.
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  • Yes, guest blogging still works for SEO if you get a link from a high-traffic website.
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    Absolutely, and press releases too
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    As we all of us know that guest blogging is one of the off page seo linking technique.
    Factors to be considered:
    1.Catchy title
    3.Unique content
    4.Quality images at least 2.
    5.2 to 3 links with relevant content,links from outside us.indicate that blog is valuable one,that users getting information from our blog.
    6.Relevant content
    All these all important for a blogging to work for seo.
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    Guest Blogging is still effective if done the right way with best practices in mind.
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    Good. to know.
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    I never tried. but sounds good
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    It still works. Recently I have done some guest blogging and it works. Though the ratio is not like the previous but still works. It was the health industry.

    Need a WordPress Developer? View my gigs at

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    Guest post still work but it's important to use ethical and valuable strategies rather then employing spammy tactics as you mentioned. Using ethical way will also help them to make positive online presence in market.
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    Why don't you spend time writing that extra article on your blog than sending that extra juice to the guest? Then you look for quality backlinks.

    My take.
    Stay Healthy all your Life, and Avoid Lifesty Diseases Later in Life. Enjoy life to the fullest.
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    Yes it works if you do it cautiously without spamming
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    Yes it works, if you guest blog on niche blogger website. Do not post content on link farm guest posting sites. It will hurt your website negatively.
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