Google Bans Scammy Advertisers From Network

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Google Does Non-Evil Thing: Bans White Teeth, Flat Stomachs | The Big Money

And so Google has made a minor shift in its policy that has major implications. Up until now it has taken action against ads, not advertisers. If an ad violated one of Google's terms of use, the search giant would take it out of circulation, but that's it. Google briefed TBM on its new policy: It will now ban the advertiser, not the ad, effectively neutering the advertiser's ability to shift from one ad and shell site to another. Think of it like the struggle between the police and a graffiti vandal. Up until now Google has only been erasing the tags after they've been put up. Going forward, they're going to take away his spray cans and put a GPS collar on him, making sure he never does it again.

...The crackdown is meant to focus on all scams--malware, get-rich-quick sites, getting users to pay for otherwise free software, etc.
The article also alludes impact on the teeth whitener and weight loss markets.
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    Between this and the FTC guidelines, there's a lot of thinkin' gonna be goin on in the next few days for those of us who publish other people's content!

    We believe we have our defenses in place...but it will be very interesting to see what other sites do come December 1st.

    Every day I check the obituaries. If I don't see my name there, then I know it's going to be a good day!
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    Plenty of innocents have been swept up in these "righteous bans" without recourse.

    Among them are advertisers who have consistently fought low-quality scores even if in totally legit markets.

    I suggest reading some of the threads here to get the other side of the story: Google AdWords:

    New rule? Quality Violations => Adwords ban

    Google Shuts Down $Million Affiliate Account

    This sounds good at first glance...however it is NOT a good thing for the average advertiser as Google's automated ban-hammer runs wild.
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    You know it is too bad when somone as powerful as Google, takes such action to ban a company for something such as this, without any recourse, when the underlying "offense" is so arbitrary, so open to interpretation. Google is, and always has been, in my opinion, just a big bully. What ever happened to working with your customers and advising them when they make mistakes and helping them to adjust so that everyone is happy? I guess Google has never made a mistake, so no one else is allowed to either.

    Tim Pears

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    Some are saying there is no recourse. According to what I have heard, they do have a policy in place to challenge one of these bans - albeit AFTER you are banned.

    But there is a course of action to take if it happens to you.

    Considering the bully comment...

    When you can't beat a bully, sometimes you just have to give in and t them have your lunch money! Instead of considering them a bully, it may be beneficial to look at them asa boss - someone who maks the rules ythat are in yur best interest to work by.

    I'v always conformed to what Google wants and it has paid off so far...even though sometimes I have become a little ticked off.


    Every day I check the obituaries. If I don't see my name there, then I know it's going to be a good day!
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    • Originally Posted by Allen Graves View Post

      Some are saying there is no recourse. According to what I have heard, they do have a policy in place to challenge one of these bans - albeit AFTER you are banned.
      Yes there is a way to appeal the bans.

      Via SearchEngineLand:

      Google AdWords To Step Up Account Disabling & Improve Communication Process

      Starting tonight, Google will begin permanently banning advertisers at an increased rate. The bans will not be at the site level, but rather the account level. In the past, Google banned specific sites from advertising in AdWords. Now, if an advertiser is permanently banned, their account and any new account will be banned from participating in AdWords.

      Google will begin to notify advertisers that they have been permanently banned. They will receive an email with details of this ban and the email will explain how to appeal the ban. I am told that banned advertisers can reply to the email to start the "appeals process." Every reply should get a response from a dedicated Google representative.

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    If a paid advertiser don't want your business then there is little you
    can do about it. Most advertisers don't care about the results you
    get or anything else except that you are paying them.

    So if Google is refusing money from advertisers then the advertisers
    would have to change if they want to use Google's services.

    Who knows? Bing might pick up the slack.

    -Ray Edwards
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    Here's my take on it:

    Now, more than ever, it's vital to build a mailing list and your own "network". Become your own traffic generator through the use of JV's, partners and mailing lists. That is one thing that Google cannot influence. Ever.

    I can only imagine how many businesses have been rendered dead overnight with a Google ban. Whether it's Adsense or Adwords, a business' long-term survival depends on building their own list...or navigating these ridiculous waters every few months.

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    It's time to get off of Google, well, no, use them, but play very safe and build your own following so that on the back end you can deal with them however you like in case something happens one day, like a permanent Google ban, even if you've been a good girl or boy and it wasn't justified you still have leverage.

    You have to build an asset that doesn't depend on the whims of things like Google.
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