Estimating average per click revenue for planned new adsense site?

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Hello all,

Hoping to hear from someone with experience with regard to estimating average per click revenue for a planned adsense site.

When reviewing the CPC provided by Google's keyword tool against one of our existing sites, it is vastly different than the average per click revenue we receive for that site.

The CPC shown in Google's keyword tool is on average ~$3.50 for the primary traffic producing keywords for the site. Yet, our average per click revenue is $0.46 at the site.

Any information provided will be greatly appreciated.

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    I have seen people say 20% to as low as 10%. I came up with a figure of 14% when I did some figuring one time. I don't remember how I came by that number but it bears out your numbers pretty close, and it worked for me. No one really knows for sure though, and there are factors from your site that influence it, so no one can say for sure from one site to another.

    Not sure why you are worried about it. You will get what Google pays you, nothing more and nothing less.

    Tim Pears

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      Thanks for the reply timpears. Not worried about it, wanting to be able to estimate to determine if it's worth the time involved to rank.
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      I'd say it's darn near impossible. Too many factors to even
      do an estimate on the estimate. Adwords users may buy
      across the board and land on your site, even if the keyword
      you are targeting pays high. You can use the ad filter, but
      as soon as one gets off, another crummy ad shows up. Google
      cannot read your mind. It only guesses as to what keyword,
      keywords, or keyphrases you are targeting on your site. it
      will not, I repeat, will not show an ad constantly that is
      exactly what you want. And there lies the rub. You try and
      tweak as much as possible, but in the end an adwords user
      wins out. In the long run, however, you will get mostly ads
      that are quite good, especially over time and as your click
      response improves. But as many here will tell you, some days
      will suck eggs.


      If you were disappointed in your results today, lower your standards tomorrow.

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    Do comparative analysis with other keywords/niches, and choose keywords which pay higher.
    Percentages always change constantly with smart pricing and advertiser quality/quantity. So, do not worry too much about them.
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    Its close to impossible to guestimate potential earnings from AdSense. The only 'loose' figure which might be handy is John XFactors, where he mentions that you can expect to earn about $20 to every 1000 searches per month. however, he doesn't guarantee this but only based on his experience, one of my sites is actually just under that so its quite close.

    However, saying that, it all depends on your site, the CPC, positioning of Ads, quality of content, rank oh and also if Google decides to smart price your long as you carry out enough dilligence to ensure that there are advertisers for the term and also it is a term that can get you ranked above the fold on the first page of Google then thats really the best you can hope for.

    Good luck


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    I use Whatever thier lowest figure is I I halve it and that has seemed to work out just about right for me.
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    I think adsence is good, but it's not the best, there at much highter payers out there, I use a pay-per-view.
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      Thanks for the replies guys. Good information. I'm going to have to check out spyfu. Any other ideas are welcome!
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    I gave up trying to compare the cost of an Adwords click with AdSense income. There is a general correlation but nothing more "scientific" that I am aware of. There seem to be so many factors that affect AdSense income.
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    Adsense is not any kind of fixed income na dfixed payout programme it's depend upon time to time even high paying keywords some tiem get less payout
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