.co.uk OR .org.uk for better ranking?

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I'm about to build a website for the UK market - does anyone have any experience of which if these two domain extensions would have more weight with the big Google?

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    .co.uk is the better of the two TLDs; shouldn't make a major different though.

    .co.uk is like .com, and .org.uk is like .org.
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    For ranking, it won't make much difference whether you use .co.uk or .org.uk.
    For branding and repeat visitors, .co.uk is a better choice.
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    I think .co.uk is a nicer domain, but .org.uk is for charitys, I have a charity called Transform A Village and I have both .org.uk and .co.uk
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    I've got several co.uk domains.. and for the uk co.uk does ranks/sticks much better than either org.uk or me.uk

    I've tested this for a few niches and always found this to be the case..
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      Hmm, fairly clear consensus there - thanks lads.
      I did just wonder about getting both and redirecting the org to the co.uk. But then I thought that was just daft... and I am up far too late...
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        Well both are just as good but remember .org domains are made to be non profit so take the .co.uk to stay within the guidelines.

        Also good luck with effectively ranking google.co.uk

        Google do a terrible job at serving up the correct content to the users here.

        See this.

        UK SERPS - What's wrong with Google's search results in the UK?

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