Is SEO going to be giving diminishing returns?

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Is SEO finally dying with the rise in A.I?

Interested to hear points for (yes it is dying) and against.

  • AI is being used to search much more frequently

  • AI has to get its information from websites that have to be ranked
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    It seems like there will be a lower ROI with SEO, as now that anyone can write AI content there is a bigger focus on linkbuilding
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    i dont think it is. i just use ai for content ideas, but it was man who programmed ai, i think the power will always be with the human creator, the human mind, but ai can help advance our thinking is my core belief

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      What about the sheer volume of content being created using A.I?

      You can create the best content in the world, but it has to be found amongst the huge scale of content being created every minute.
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        Exactly this, and Google have little way of knowing, aside from looking at your domain authority. For a small brand, it's going to be so, so hard to break into the search results now for medium/large volume keywords
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    SEO is not dying, it is just changing its shape. If you're thinking about AI content. what if every one has AI content. Mark my words, In this ERA of AI content. Those who knows how to provide with human written content will win the game. Human has power and will have power. Human likes to read human content. NOT AI.
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    No, SEO is not dying but it is evolving with rise of A.I. Now days A.I. can help you to write content but link building ,Alt Text and few other things are still untouched by A.I.
    For ranking up any website along with tracking algorithm that's changing everyday, you surely need a SEO specialist. Medium scale Companies like clothing companies etc. that manufacture products need A.I. for booming advertisement but they too need SEO for ranking up their website.
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      Agree, it's up to companies to harness AI and use it to improve productivity. Those that don't will get left behind. I still think human touch is key for content writing but for things like link building it can be really useful. It's more important than ever to use a trusted, expert SEO consultant who knows how to leverage on page SEO and technical SEO to increase traffic (using AI along the way where it can add value)
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    Probably a slightly lower ROI as AI content grows. Already loads of cases of spam ranking above genuine sites and it'll probably get worse. Googles SGE could be the game changer - publishers may see a big drop in clicks and ad revenue from answers being right there in the results, so all that effort you spent creating that killer page is suddenly diminished. Still, I think SEO remains the channel with the best ROI for most brands
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    I think AI is more so for creating things than using it to find answers. It's even known for having accuracy issues.

    I actually work for a resume generation company, and their keywords are actually trending upwards despite the fact AI can write a resume.

    I also have run tests and human writing in general performs better. But AI can cover more ground fast.. but who knows 5-10 years from now, AI may surpass human writing.

    Now I think I'm somewhat of a pioneer in generating AI content, my entire site is AI generated and I AI blog to the fullest.

    All in all, I hope it doesn't die because I need to keep getting money, at the same time I work with ChatGPT every day to join the wave rather than get left behind.
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    Artificial intelligence will always be lower than the search engine algorithm. The search algorithm is constantly being edited with the aim of increasing the financial income of a company such as Google, and artificial intelligence is essentially a database of user behavior, what they ask and what answer they are satisfied with.
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    I think that eventually everyday run-of-the-mill AI content will eventually be devalued as Google adjusts to this massive tsunami of AI stuff being shoved down its throat.

    I think the future will be human-edited AI content.

    The problem with AI content as it currently stands is it's very formulaic and it lacks the human element of experience and emotion.

    With human-edited AI content, you'll get the best of both worlds...

    And I think Google will come to favor this type of content as they continue to work on their algorithm and release more updates.
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  • SEO isn't dying because of AI; it's evolving. While AI changes how search works, making some traditional SEO tactics less effective, it also relies on quality content, which needs to be optimized. So, SEO is adapting, not disappearing. We're using AI to improve SEO strategies, making content more discoverable and relevant. The key is to evolve with the changes, focusing on quality content and leveraging AI where it can help.
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  • SEO isn't fading away; it's simply evolving. Consider the rise of AI-generated content. But imagine a world where everyone relies solely on AI content. Let me tell you, in this age dominated by AI content, those who understand the value of human-written content will emerge victorious. Humans possess a unique power, and it's enduring. We gravitate towards human-generated content because it resonates with us. We crave authenticity, not artificial intelligence.
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    I don't think AI is giving any negative impact on SEO business rather it is helping businesses to find relevant content ideas. SEO and AI will both go parallel in long run and eventually AI will be helping hand for SEO professionals.
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    SEO still remains relevant, just that we need to improve our use of SEO.
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    People would still be doing searches manually, but at the rate of where AI is moving forward, it can definitely move the needle. SEO has to keep up, not dying
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    I don't think so, I hate AI generated content.
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    I think AI-generated content helps those who know the actual use of this content. Depending on AI content for the full purpose is not good. Human-written content always impacts the audience and search engines, catches the audience's attention, and ranks better. SEO is always active with new technology.
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