My Site is Consistently Attacked

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Hi there,

I noticed over the past two months what seems to be a concerted attempt to downrank my site -- and it appears to be working.

I noticed over 2,000 bad links pointing to my website.

Now, my Google Search Console reports the following:

Top Linking Text

1 83
2 40
3 68
4 84
5 98
6 46
7 32
8 38
9 50

This is the first 9, but it extends to 200 of them.

The attack seems to be effective. A few weeks ago I used the disavow tool and hoped it would help. Whilst 1,300 of the links were removed, 700 remain.

Today, I noticed a further 250 links have been pointed.

Given the attack is constant and there has been a consistent reduction in my traffic and earnings, I'm really unsure what I can do here.

Does anyone have any advice?
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    I understand how tough this situation must be for you. Keep up with the diligent monitoring and removal of those harmful links, and continue optimizing your SEO eventually, when the attacker sees it's no longer worth their effort, they'll stop. Hang in there.
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    The only way is to disavow harmful links. Use tools like ahref ,semrush and GSC to monitor your backlinks. The other thing you can do is to dominate the SERP by developing multiple sites on the niche.
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    I have previously encountered a similar situation, albeit not identical. In response, I initiated a formal communication by sending emails to the hosting providers of the malicious websites. In these communications, I clearly outlined the potential legal consequences they could face due to hosting such content and malicious websites. This approach proved effective in mitigating the issue.

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    Get rid of wordpress and shared hosting.
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      Originally Posted by Alora Carl View Post

      Get rid of WordPress and shared hosting.
      Why? There are currently 810 Million WordPress sites as of May 2024. That's 43%of all current websites on the internet according to Google.
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