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I'm working with the rent a site business model (create a site for a niche like Northridge Accountant, get it ranked for 'northridge accountant', then rent it monthly to an accountant working in northridge).

What do you figure is the best linkbuilding tactic to use to get the sites ranked?

-Most of the keywords I'm targeting are on the various sites are pretty low competition (<1,000 in most cases, sometimes <500 even). Yes, that's very low.

-I own domains that are either exact matches to my keywords or pretty darn close (i.e. if I'm targeting Northridge Tax Accountant, then I own either,,, etc.).

I've been considering multiple ways of building links (profile sites, linkwheels, buying a few high pr links, etc), but I'm thinking of falling back onto article writing. With the niches I'm in (and because I type a billion words a minute), I could probably have an article written / posted in about 5 minutes each.

I'm thinking my best bet is to just to an hour or two of hardcore article writing / posting each day for a week or two rather than mess around with other ways of linkbuilding.

Anyone else linkbuilding in the Rent a Site model?
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    Typically, it's not very hard to achieve a good ranking for "local" business keywords.

    You can check out the competition: (free)
    and evaluate how many links it's going to take.

    In most cases with smaller geographic areas, article marketing alone should provide you with the link juice you need.

    Just be sure not to name your article "northridge tax accounts" or your article could outrank your site. Instead choose a general tax subject and use the keyword as your anchor text.

    Create the articles yourself or outsource them through freelance websites or outsource to fellow warriors:

    If you go up to "search" in the forum menu bar. Click on "advanced search". On the left hand side under "search options" scroll down and click on "content".

    This will give you a list of all the warriors provided articles and content services in the Warriors For Hire section.
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