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Hi Warriors,

Haven't been banned by Adwords yet but am sure that it's coming at some point. Like most I'm insanely cheesed off by their arrogance and their disregard for essentially biting the hand that feeds them. And, as affiliate marketers work as individuals there is no professional body to act on our behalf and lobby, meaning Google can get away with it. Or can they...

As marketers we're good and persuading and convincing. So, if Google wants to take us on, let's fight back! I'm telling everyone that I speak to about an amazing search engine called Bing which they may not of heard of but is far better than Google. Take away their traffic and Google are stuffed.

Also hit them by removing Adsense from your sites and finding some alternatives.

Warriors, let's take on the giant and move their traffic to a search engine that's more affiliate friendly.


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    This is what I've been saying all along. I made a thread about this called
    "Is Bing The Next Google? If we give our money to bing Google will change it's tune.Just because they are the standard now doesn't mean they will always be.
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      I def. like the idea of using Bing to start doing some affiliate work. That being said though, It doesn't mean that you are going to hurt google's feelings much as they are vast and far to popular to make much of a dent. But, if you decide to focus more of your efforts with Bing then more power to you as Bing is a very profitable way to go right now with FAR less people currently advertising with them.
      Good Luck
      Tired of failing to actually MAKE money online? So was I, now I do it FULL TIME!!
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    I'm all for diversification! Having all/most income sources coming from one place is setting yourself up for potential disaster. A lot of people do just one thing and then crash and burn when it goes south.

    I don't really think we'll have much impact on google, so I won't be promoting Bing out of a sense of 'Ha ha, I'm gettin' over on Google now!" LOL But I will promote Bing as a new potential source of bringing in some cold hard cash.

    I'm always looking to keep a variety of projects going so I'm not too dependent on any one thing.

    I do get a feeling Google is just too big. It really can (and does) make unilateral decisions that can literally crush the 'little guy'. I will use them to my own benefit, but I will never depend on them completely.

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    Hi Warriors,

    Sounds like an almighty task but if say 1000 of us tell 10 people who tell 10 people who tell 10 people then we're talking about a million people already. And what's more, if enough of us are proactive (posts on blogs, messages to lists, forum posts, Twitter and so on and so fourth) we can truly work up some significant momentum. That's the beauty of the web - power to the people!

    Takes years to build up a reputation and seconds to lose it. If we set our minds to it I think that the big G could be at least forced to consider becoming affiliate friendly again.

    David - good point. Best solution for PPC marketers in my opinion is build up some capital and switch over to media buy - something I'm learning at the moment. Not for the faint hearted though!



    Not trying to sell you anything :-)

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    I don't know about marketing stuff. But I've seen much better search results with Bing rather than Google.
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      Ive been on the first page on google for 3 weeks now but not yet indexed by bing...
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    If affiliates are getting banned from adwords, then whos left? Product owners with physical products. Hopefully Bing becomes way more popular, Microsoft makes more money then G, so hopefully they can use it to their advantage.
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    There is one problem with Bing....The search volume is DRASTICALLY lower than Google. It doesn't mean that it is drastically cheaper either. If a thousands of advertisers and affiliates move to Bing to sell their offers it will explode the cost per click for keywords with virtually no search volume......doesn't sound like a very attractive option to me.
    You can take your business to Bing but how do you get the searchers to use it?

    Unfortunately for a lot of people it will be the end of their money-line and they will have to resort to other methods (SEO,Social networking article submission etc..) if they cannot master that then they will have a problem.

    This is all linked to the new FTC regulations......it is having a huge impact at ALL online METHODS of advertising. Search engines offer an advertising platform and they too must abide by the rules.

    I got banned for a CPA offer I ran a while ago, and as a result all future applications will be refused. It doesn't matter if you are doing wrong now or have done in the past, you will get punished. Not very fair, but what can you do?

    Good luck everyone
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    As i am not banned from adwords yet, i can understand the pain and frustration of people who was screwed by google. But adwords belongs to them and they can do whatever they want with their property.

    But seriously, fighting against google and support microsoft? Is that your goal? Can you imagine yourself after one year still excited about fighting the company which have banned you? I would better forget that and concentrate on more productive things which will pay my bills.
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      Sure take all the marketers you want to bing, I guess that will mean more money for the people who stay with google. People got banned because they done something wrong, simple as that.

      The bit about removing adsense from peoples site is very laughable to, whats the point of it? It makes them money, in all honesty who will remove something which makes them extra money?

      A few affiliate marketers wont take down google, the only way google can be taken down is by the average joe.
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    Not sure that marketers can get people over to Bing. Realistically speaking there are no guarantees that once Bing picks up market share it is going to behave any differently then Google does now. Sometimes, the beast you know if better then the one you don't.

    My current project, the Uncorked Ventures Wine Club. More coming soon, here.

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