How I got a free PR6 backlink [VIDEO]

by dordor
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Hey guys,

Here is a free tutorial I recorded yesterday that will show you exactly how to get a FREE PR6 backlink to your site.

Have a good one
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    Valuable info you have there and so easy to do. Thanks.

    "$100 On eBay with just 10 Minutes Work! {120+ copies SOLD}"

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    Good Tip!

    I've been using SlideShare to get nicely rated backlinks for awhile. You may interested to know that Market Samurai just upgraded their tool and now it lists the Top 10 Google pages with many PR5, PR6 and P&7 links. I like this new feature so much, I did a YT video on it and a Blog Post which might help. If you're into Social Media, the Excel file I used might come in handy is you want it.
    Social Shares is the Future of SEO • Social Content Marketing is the Fastest Technique to Generate Significant Social Shares and My DIY Content Marketing System works like a Charm so long as you properly Manage Your Social Media Presence
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      Thanks for the link - it's a must try!

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      Hey do you know if it allows you to put anchor text for your link in the comments? Or just the URL?


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    it's very valuable and helpful. thx for sharing.
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    Yeah it gives you PR6 links. But only links using URL and NOT anchor texts. It can give you traffic juice but certainly not juice for your SERP.
    But thanks for sharing though.
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    I posted a few articles to slideshare recently. They won't index in Google.

    Does Google like Slideshare powerpoint better than Slideshare documents?
    Sandy Cormack

    Creativity Training, Strategic Planning, Personal Development, Organizational Development, and Lead Guitar
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    Thanks for the link dordor =]
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    i just built about 100 mid level PR links with that tip. thanks and appreciate it
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    For some reason my posts are not showing up after I make them. I guess they are starting to moderate my posts or people are reporting them as spam. I'm also having a hard time making links on the posts now.

    brit momaday leight
    Larry Leight

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      Thank you for sharing the valuable information.I will give a try.
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    Really a nice way to get high pr backlinks.Thanx
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    Thanks for the post! Great place for backlinks even though they don't allow anchor text.
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    Really helpful and should help push up my Lumus ranking.
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