My Google Local Map Page Was #1 - Now Dropped Way Down - What Happened?

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I had a Google Local Map Page that had been in the #1 position on Google for about 30 to 45 days for my keywords which were "idaho incorporation" I started doing a little manual backling linking and I ordered one round of blog comments from a WF offer. I did this with the thought that it would help strengthen and maintain the # 1 position. Not long after I did the backlinking and blog comments my #1 position suddenly dropped to about 150. What happened???

Does the "Google Dance" thing happen to local Google map pages also?

Any ideas on what might have happened here?

How can I get this page back to #1 or close?

Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

Thanks - Bob M

P.S. I can give my url if that would help but didn't want to be accused of advertising or self promotion on this thread. I'm really trying to learn this IM and SEO thing and I'm not sure what went wrong.
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