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hello folks,

can you explain how i can do profile linking.

does this boost your ranking?

can this profile links be used in ant niche?

are they strong links?

can they be interlinked to each other to make it strong?

can i send backlinks to this links to make them stronger

thanks will be waiting for replies. thanks in advance once more
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    I suggest giving something like Angela's links a try. At $5/month you will experience first hand the process and lets you analyse the results. The $5/mo will also not put a burden on your budget.

    You will see results as time goes on. You have to be very patient and also be consistent.
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    I agree - try her links out - but also get involved w/ the sites that you leave a backlink too.
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    Profile backlinks are one of the most high impact SEO tactics that can be deployed nowadays. If you do it right then you can skyrocket your website in record time. In order to succeed you need:

    1) Extremely high PR websites which allow profile creation
    2) The profiles must be public (in order to be indexed by search engines)
    3) The profile backlinks must be dofollow
    4) Your profile must look "real". You must complete all the fields (even those that you are not obliged to do it), upload an avatar and add your links much later thatn the registration date (in order not to irritate the webmastes).
    5) Your profile backlinks must have an anchor text in order to have greater influence

    Where is my Signature?

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    From my experence I have seen some profile links show up in google webmaster tools, as well as yahoo site exploer as backlinks. As far as how much they really help I don't think any one can tell you for sure, but its a good way to add to your link building campagin along with other things. I wouldn't spend all your time on it.
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    To answer your question in a word, yes. :-)
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      I think profile linking is one of the good ways of getting SEO benefit! You can also expect to get some traffic from there. But don't expect to get huge from it. It's just a part of SEO. But yes, a positive step.
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    Originally Posted by seye View Post

    does this boost your ranking?
    Maybe, maybe not. Most of these links are 1-3 steps removed from the high PR site index page. This dilutes their effectiveness and makes them lower value links in most cases. Some aren't even spidered by Googlebot because they're blocked by the forum's webmaster who's gotten tired of spammy profiles. Or the 'bot never sees them or counts them because the links to the profile pages are nofollowed.

    Because of the popularity of these links, it is getting difficult to find a forum that (a) doesn't have some kind of anti-spam protection in place and/or (b) gives good link juice. They're out there but most have been exploited already.

    Originally Posted by seye View Post

    can this profile links be used in ant niche?
    The insect control niche is a pretty good one.

    I assume you meant 'any', yes, it could be used with any niche.

    Originally Posted by seye View Post

    can they be interlinked to each other to make it strong?

    can i send backlinks to this links to make them stronger
    Yes, but this will draw attention to what you're doing and risk losing the links or your entire network of sites. That said, pharma spammers do this a lot and it works quite well for them on a temporary basis. Once Google or a forum webmaster shuts them down, which is usually fairly quick, they simply move to a new site and new network.
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  • Profile picture of the author nettech
    They do work and Ive seen some success with them although I havent used them extensively. Post 4 above by Kalios is correct, would follow that advice. What I would additionally suggest is that you use it as one of many parts of your overall SEO strategy, if you put all your eggs in one basket and Google changes its algo tommorow, you'd be in trouble.

    I would create the profiles as naturally as possible and deep link them into the page with correct anchor text. Bookmark each URL and then ping them and hopefully that should add some value. Don't rely on it making an instant impact as it does take a few months for them to kick in effectively, others may tell you a shorter timeframe but I have noticed about 3 months on avaerage.

    Hope that helps


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    Yes if you are getting a do-follow link from a profile page then it ill be beneficial for your site.
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    Angela has great link packages

    Be consistent in your monthly efforts and you will see results

    Best Regards
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    Rather than answer in long words, Just want to answer with give angela backlinks a try. It's worth to try
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