Do i ping my blogspot blog right?

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I have blog which i pinged by 3 major ping services and it still hasn't been indexed. It's been 1 week. Am i doing something wrong?

In TITLE i entered my blog's title.
In URL i entered my blog's url.
In RSS FEED i entered my blog's rss feed.

Is there something wrong with my settings?
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    That is the correct way to ping. Are there any other pages linking to your blog? How many posts have you made?

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    get indexed by submitting to digg, that what i do to get indexed under 7 hours
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    I've use blogger in the past then i switched to wordpress. I found wordpress to be much better and my new blogs to be indexed within a day or two without even pinging them. I'd recommend wordpress over blogger any day but it is a little bit harder harder to customize but it is not that difficult to learn.
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